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  An Ode to Cleveland.

Hey Cleveland friends, happy Friday!

Last night we got to experience a wonderful yoga party/Cleveland celebration at the Q with Believe in CLE and the team from Innerbliss Yoga. Truly, if you ever have the opportunity to practice with a large group of yogi’s (in our case over 600 yoga lovers) run don’t walk, it was both inspiring, challenging and it filled my heart even more love for our city and the people in it. Check out the hashtag #BelieveinCLE and #AllforOne for some pretty awesome pics.

Have you watched the video above? Another fun example of how proud we are to be Clevelanders. Thanks Mr. Symon for sharing your voice with us, with the world.

This weekend you’ve got to check out the November installment of the Cleveland Flea. Plan to pick up a few holiday gifts, grab a yummy treat, shop for some new/old ornaments, of other glittery fun additions to your winter home. The Holiday Market is located at 6555 Carnegie.

Cleveland Flea – November Holiday Market from The Story Is on Vimeo.

To put yourself in the “Flea spirit” check out their very cool video. Nice work Flea-team. Keep up all the great creative you bring to the city.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope you find something to make you happy this weekend.

  Big Weekend!

photoHi friends! Just a little check in from over here in newborn-land. It’s been a busy week for me. Starting to slowly creep back into work…which I am so thankful for. I love my job, my clients and the people I get to be creative with every day…I am happy to get back to the daily routine. I am also back to a few DIY home projects including finishing our sunken patio off the back of our home and a few gardening projects. While I can’t get back to working out just yet, I am focusing on healthy meals and understanding it took nine months to put on the baby weight, it’s gonna take that much time to take it off. I am accepting I may not fit into last season’s summer clothes, but instead trying to be creative with accessories…a baby in a front carrier is VERY in this season…also covers my belly, sneaky.

Anyhow, let’s chat Cleveland shall we? This weekend kicks off the highly anticipated Gay Games, a celebration of open minds, open hearts, inclusion and good sportsmanship. It’s all getting started Saturday at the Q with the opening ceremonies. Tickets are needed for this event as well as most of the individual sporting events, there are still limited tickets available so get yours today. Did you know Boy George and the Indigo Girls will also be performing throughout next week? Super fun! For the detailed games and party/performance schedule check out their site.

Besides the Gay Games there is also the incredible light installation “AHA!” that both visitors and locals can come downtown to enjoy. Head to Mall B for a concentration of colorful light fun. If you are heading down there tonight, plan to be “wowed” by the participants of PechaKucha Cleveland, Want to practice yoga under the disco lights? You won’t want to miss a celebration of yoga and community at Believe in Cleveland on Friday. Just feel like enjoying the spectacle? Grab your blanket and a few snacks and head downtown for an evening light show picnic…it will be spectacular!

This weekend I am going to be the personal tour guide to a fellow blogger who is visiting from Chicago to come and see what our city is all about. Lauren from Lion and Maven and I have a jam packed weekend ahead of us including lots of great eats, museums galore, some shopping and cocktailing and more. Did I mention I am going to be baby-free? It’s gonna be a wild weekend in town for sure. Have a great rest of your week everyone and I will check in with you soon. Cheers!

  friday, coming out of the fog!

Hey Cleveland friends! SO so so wonderful to be slowly coming out of the “new-mom-fog” and back with you here at “iheartcleveland.” Thank you so much to so many of you who have wished us well on this new adventure into parenthood. It really meant a ton to get your kind words during the last few weeks.

After a pretty intense, four-day birth story (ask me about it some other time when we are out for cocktails) Little Baby Ninja was born into the 216 on June 29th. We stayed in the hospital for a few days before going home to further hibernate with our new family member. I now TRULY have a bigger appreciation for a quick run to Target, an impromptu manicure with the gals or a last minute spin class…these last few days I literally have been surviving one hour to another. This mom thing is NO JOKE!

While I have been “away” seems like so much has happened with you and around town. The Fourth of July was a stunning weather weekend and from what I could tell you took full advantage of the beach, rooftop fireworks, boating and boozing. Then there was the overwhelming display of love for our city and our yoga practices at the second annual Believe in CLE at the Rock Hall; did you see the aerial shots? Then there is all the Lebron “decision” which I feel like I knew nothing about until YESTERDAY (how is this possible?) and last GO CLEVELAND, Congrats to everyone who was involved in getting the GOP Convention to our city! So much fun happening around town.

Before I slipped away for these two weeks of “rest” I was working on getting us all packed up for the “hotel” (aka hospital) and thought I would share a few of the fun things I packed to take with us. While I promise this blog will in no way become an “all about baby” blog, I may from time to time slip in a bit about the Baby Ninja..because he is too cute not to share if I may say so myself…proud mom!

So while I may be home, recovering from the whole fiasco here is what we packed for me, for dad and for baby to entertain, soothe, style and make bringing baby into the world a whole lot better than the standard issued hospital garb. Enjoy!


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FOR ME :  I knew I’d be living in the DVF Designed Clinic hospital gown but I had to add my own little bling so I brought gold flip flops to accessorize. I packed my favorite little bottle of coconut body spray that we bought last year on vacation in Hawaii to pretend this was just another tropical hot spot. My sister and new Auntie sent me a fancy chocolate bar from her home town of London and while I couldn’t eat solid foods pre-baby, or chocolate post-baby, I shared the sweet with any visitors and my lovely nurses. I packed lots of magazines and brought my computer but didn’t really have the mental focus to enjoy them so have been catching up on them at home. I brought my own Ms. Spade water cup which I picked up at Lovely Paper & Gifts in Rocky River as well as a big thing of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers to keep myself hydrated. My mom said Oprah swears by these cooling body wipes so they came along as well. Last, I also love the little sound box that was gifted to me  from Loop Cafe it makes wonderful  background soothing sounds perfect to soothe any stressful situation. Lots of goodies to make the “visit” more like home. MORE! →