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  Shhh..it’s starting! the 37th CIFF!!!

Well, it’s almost here friends. The 37th Cleveland International Film Fest kicks off tomorrow night! I have my pack of tickets, I will be assembling my snacks, riding the RTA and best part spending the weekend with my mom.

For the past handful of years it has become our tradition for her to come in from out of town and cram in as many interesting films as we can. We sometimes take a break and escape to the Ritz for a cocktail n the lobby but this year who knows, we may also check out the bars at Horseshoe!

While I LOVE having my mom for the weekend and the films are the best, every year I wait in anticipation to see what the official festival trailer will be. This years graphics are bright, bold and captivating I can only guess what the trailer might be.

To recap some of the previous years trailers I have provided a few below. Personally, I love the floating animals from last years festival…but then again I adore the concept and music from year 32…each one is creative to our city and our festival.


  Get excited!!!

So I saw this ad in this months Cleveland Magazines (along with the sexy singles…congrats Allison!) and began to get SUPER excited!

Just a few more weeks until I officially put together my weekend bag and move into Tower City for this years 37th annual Cleveland International Film Festival! My Cleveland winter…almost spring…would not be as spectacular if the film fest wasn’t in my life.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who are working their tushes off to pull together the final details for this years festival…I am counting down the days.