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  Picnic in Public Square with Heinens


Good morning! Today I am excited to share with you some wonderful images from our “Picnic in Public Square”  from last week. I invited a handful of friends to meet up after work downtown in the new(ish) Public Square for an after work happy hour picnic. I brought cheese and crackers, some incredible apricots, watermelon & clementines, summer ales, homemade sandwiches, a few cookies and some layered blueberry & lemon parfaits, it was delicious.


Public Square was the perfect setting for our urban meet up. There was plenty of parking after the work crowd rolled out of downtown and the park was rather quiet. It was an incredible setting to be enjoying nature in the middle of skyscrapers and historical buildings, I think we all had one of those “I can’t believe this is Cleveland!” kind of “ah ha moments” while we all enjoyed our evening together.


Heinen’s had reached out and offered me a $100 gift card to put together a picnic with everything from their store. I love their produce department so buying fruits and veggies was super easy. They also have a great wine and beer department so finding just the right six pack for our outing was very fun…not how cute is this can? I found some great little baguettes and ended up making each of us basil, arugula, prosciutto, tomatoe and fresh mozzarella sandwiches…including a touch of Lemon Herb Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen; also sourced from Heinen’s.

75897For dessert I had to do something with ball jars and so I filled them with blueberries and then whipped up some lemon pudding which was dolloped on top. I also bought small orange shortbread cookies which were quote the treat.  The wrapped sandwiches and ball jar parfaits were made the night before and we keep in a cooler while I was at work awaiting our picnic fun.


So, the moral of this story is that as we enter August there is still PLENTY of summer left to plan your picnic outing with your friends. Pick a fun location, plan an easy menu and spend the time outdoors with your friends!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Heinen’s who invited me to host a summer picnic as part of their social outreach. I received a $100 gift card to Heinen’s in exchange for my post. Thanks for supporting this local business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  The NEW Public Square!


Happy Monday Cleveland! Another gorgeous one here in our city. The Summer Solstice celebration at the Art Museum was another awesome party, year after year they never disappoint. Such an incredible evening of music, art, fashion all coming together under one roof. Congrats #CMA the party was seriously bananas!


Yesterday we went downtown to explore the new Public Square space and boy…what a change. The entire new development was sparkling from top to bottom. The plants held their heads high thanking the sunshine for the extra burst of sparkle. The various hard surfaces were all interesting and designed in such a way that made walking through the space just as visually engaging as the historical buildings that surround the square. Everything is so shiny and new and again, another HUGE reason we as Cleveland’s should be SO PROUD of everything happening this summer in the city.


The square’s café, Rebol was not open but we can’t wait to visit again for a cocktail on the patio and a few fresh tacos. The interiors of the space are filled with bright colors, simple furnishings and what looks like an incredible little bar of local spirits.



Meet me at the Square! We can’t wait to see you there. Next time we will throw on flip flops and run through the fountains to celebrate summer with you! The official opening is this Thursday. Like them on Facebook or follow their hashtag #meetmeinthesquare for the party details. Nice work to the City of Cleveland and Land Studio for all of their efforts making the new park incredible!