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  Horray for ginko!


Just a quick shout out to Ginko…one of Dante Boccuzzi’s best restaurants in town known for fresh seafood and elegant sushi creations. We went for my birthday and all I can say is that is way over-the-top delicious. Make yourself a reservation so you get a good seat and prepare yourself to trust the sushi master to create a dinner feast you’ll never forget.

g_2We had a variety of rolls, the best shrimp tempura and some decadent o-toro (fatty tuna) that literally melted in your mouth…we called it fish butter. The service was friendly and welcoming, the drinks a plenty; it was the perfect birthday, sushi dinner to cap off a wonderful year.

Next time you need to cure a sushi craving, go explore Ginko. It truly is a wonderful treat.


  The “taste”

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.56.48 PM

Hi Cleveland. Such a gorgeous day! I am loving the cooler temps…just a little break from the summer heat and humidity.

All is well over here with me and Baby Ninja. I’m slowly accepting the lack of sleep, frequent diaper changes and feedings round the clock as my new normal. His sweet cuddles, little fingers and toes and his cute little sounds make this time in our life perfect in every way. I can’t wait to see what our future holds with this little man.

I am especially looking forward to re-discovering so many things about our city through the eyes of a child. For example, while I’ve been to the annual summer ADULT bash Twighlight at the Zoo, I bet going to the zoo with a small person is like exploring the best vintage store; an explosive discovery at every turn…I can’t wait.

While I’ve typically gone to The Taste of Tremont (aka The “Taste”) later in the day for a “Sunday Funday;” with little ones in tow, an early “in” and a good escape route “out” ensures everyone in the family has a good time. The Taste is the perfect way to sample many of the unique restaurants this Cleveland neighborhood has to offer.

Personally I love anything from Dante, can’t wait to gorge on sushi from Ginko (haven’t enjoyed spicy tuna in 9 months!) and a piece of chocolate from Lilly’s sounds like a delightful afternoon. Plan to carpool as parking is always at a premium, go hungry and brings cash. As of now the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, perfect for those sundresses and shades. Hope to see you there…baby temper-tantrum permitting!

Cheers guys, chat more soon.

  Dante Next Door

photo 1

Good morning Cleveland friends. Hope you had a great weekend. Myself I was in Washington DC celebrating my little sisters summer pre-wedding celebration and the very pretty cherry blossoms in bloom. DC must be much warmer than us because all of their trees were dressed in their best, fresh shade of green, all the flowers were up and out and everyone had switched over their closets from winter to shades of spring and summer. Delightful!

While DC had some great restaurants, the 216 has a bunch of new ones opening up weekly this spring. The other day I went to check out the new Dante Next Door in Tremont, brunching with some friends in new places around town is so fun.

photo 3

The new space is bright and open, including a great bar for the perfect breakfast cocktail and/or all-day drink fest. While I enjoyed my decaf skim latte the others in our party sipped negroni-like cocktails and spicy cucumber bloody mary’s made with with gin. Super pretty cocktails for spring brunching.

photo 4

photo 5The space features a series of abstract paintings and carnival-like colorful glass chandeliers which make any dining experience at “Next Door” very scrumptious.

photo 2We all had unique breakfast foods including a scrambled egg pizza (quiche-like) a fettuccine alfredo frittata, the standard eggs & sausage with amazing toast and chocolate croissants! I would highly recommend checking this place out the next time you are looking for a good spring brunch hot spot!


  Playing tourist in my hometown

Hello and happy Monday everybody. What a beautiful weekend living in the 216 don’t you think? Over the weekend I was a super lucky lady to have my sister and her friend visiting from the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle. An entire weekend of showing them the coolest parts of the city, visiting with some great friends and “consuming” some yummy meals & summer cocktails.

Not to share every detail of the weekend…but just a few of the tourist highlights….here we go!

photo 1-1 – We kicked off the weekend with lunch at the Greenhouse Tavern including an amazing hamburger and a few lovely drinks. (I polished off my burger to discover the cute piggy plate, love it!)

photo 2-1– We walked around downtown exploring the new grounds of the Cleveland Convention Center, such wonderful, new, urban green space.