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  Our home on Design Sponge

Charity_DAmato_Outside_02(above : the front of our westside home)

Hey Cleveland! A couple of weeks ago our home was featured on one of my ultimate favorite blogs…Design Sponge. Founder Grace Bonney and her team are my  go-to curators of all things interiors, entrepreneurs and every day special moments. I couldn’t be more flattered and humbled that our home was part of their weekly interiors pages.

Charity_DAmato_Entrance_01(above : our entryway, a vintage french collage and the entry to our kitchen)

Today I want to share with you some of the additional images that Cleveland photographer Lauren Parselles took. We had such a fun day styling each room and hightlighting details of what make our house….HOME. You can find the entire article here. Welcome to our house, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Charity_DAmato_Entrance_03(above : a little writing desk. the black & white painting above desk is by Ali Forbes)


Charity_DAmato_Living_05Charity_DAmato_Living_01(Our living, dining, crafting, entertaining, playing, dancing and binge watching tv room!)


Charity_DAmato_Kitchen_10Charity_DAmato_Kitchen_05Charity_DAmato_Kitchen_07Charity_DAmato_Kitchen_06Charity_DAmato_Bedroom_02Charity_DAmato_Bedroom_05(above : “&” print by The Lovely Forest and little green bag by Blair Ritchey)

Thanks again Grace and Garrett for the wonderful opportunity to be part of your community.

  My day at ALT NYC

Good morning friends, It’s a hot one out there today so make sure you drink plenty of water, hit up the beach, eat ice cream and possibly slip into AC whenever possible.

Today I wanted to share with you a most recent trip out of the 216 and into the 917…the big apple of Manhattan. I was lucky enough to score one of the coveted ALT NYC tickets for a day at the Martha Stewart Omnimedia Offices in Chelsea, NYC. The entire day I was living on cloud nine, I literally felt as if I had landed on a planet and was surrounded by women (& a few men) that were my people. Bright neon colors, patterns, top knots, everything shimmery and shiny, these design bloggers were out of control fun! MORE! →

  Amelia : the little “glamper” that could!

Hey CLE. I have had one heck of an online fun week and I couldn’t help but share.

I don’t know about you, but as a designer one of my daily reads is Design Sponge. This week I was honored to be a part of their  “sneak peaks” section featuring the little nauti Airstream camper named “Amelia.” She comes from right here in Northeast Ohio and I had to share with you her story.

She was purchased off of Craigs List about two hours east of the 216. She had to be towed to Lakewood as she was not “road worthy;” thank goodness I have AAA.

Amelia had a small team of experts including a welding expert (who rebuilt her under carriage,) an Airstream enthusiast (who taught me about 110 volt to battery to propane conversion,) a tradeshow display building expert (who advised me on how things travel, fold, and then constructed the spectacular build out) and even an upholstery maven (who tried to talk me out of white upholstery no avail.) Thank you to each of them for being so willing to work with me on this massive project. I truly had no idea what I was doing but through persistance, lots of reading and searching for tiny parts on ebay (thank goodness for ebay!) we made her beautiful.