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  2016 & holiday giveaway winners!

(New stickers for a new year…SO FUN!)

Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend? Honestly, I can’t believe it’s mid January already. These last few days have been filled with purging from last year and planning for a year ahead. We’ve been starting to make vacation plans for the year ahead (gotta love having things to look forward too!) We’ve been immersing ourselves in magazines and Pinterest getting inspired with regards to planning for our kitchen remodel. I’ve been trying to stay the course eating well and working out a bunch. So far this year is really shaping up nicely. Isn’t it awesome that at anytime (and especially the beginning to a new year) we can reset and make new goals? Love it!

When it comes to goals I always like to make three lists. I’m a compulsive list maker in general but these January lists are super important in keeping me on track for the entire year. I revisit the lists, rework them, and concede when something needs to adjust to the master. My three lists are Home, Life and Work.

The home list typically involves any home improvements I want to see to our space. Typically this includes painting this or that, remodeling or redesigning a room or maybe it’s as simple as buying a new comforter or towels.

The life list is usually the longest – filled with personal wellness goals, travel goals, and even goals about new hobbies or interests I may have.

Then work goals are just that, since I own our design studio this list is important to making a successful work year. I have lots of input on this list of goals from my staff and we try our best to revisit it thought the year in order to ensure we finish the year with a solid, most creative year behind us.

While it might sound like a lot, my three lists are what make me happy. As a creative person it is very easy for me to get distracted and want to change direction at any given moment, knowing I have mapped out a year filled with goals keeps me engaged and on track.

How about you guys. Have you made your lists filled with goals for the new year? I’d love to be inspired by some of your goals, do share!

Also, today I want to share all of the wonderful winners of my holiday giveaway contests. I was able to collect some great prizes and I loved how so many of you engaged with me during the busy season entering and tweeting to win. Drumroll please…fingers crossed you are a winner below (some of you were already given your prizes but congrats anyhow!)

Day 1 : 2 Tickets to the Cleveland Botanical Garden : won by @cara_clemens (Cara Clemens)
Day 2 : Dinner for 2 by Mod Meals : won by @burritosbubbly (Kerry Bindernagel)
Day 3 : Tickets to see Elf at Playhouse Square : won by @fbpkayla (Kayla Schneider)
Day 4 : Swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School : won ny @McCarthyGarland (Ann Garland)
Day 5 : A gift certificate and hoodie from Market Garden Brewery : won by @danprusha216 (Dan Prusha)
Day 6 : A load of laundry done for your by Wash Club Cleveland : won by @hayescapist (Kate)
Day 7 : A collection of Cleveland books including The Bone Lady biography : won by @kkudro (Kara Kudro) AND @ErikMosley (Erik Mosley)
Day 8 : Tickets to the Cleveland Pops Orchestra New Years Eve Extravaganza : won by @nads30 (Nadine Ezzie)
Day 9 : Water delivery for you from Distillata : won by @Val23G (Valerie Glassner)
Day 10 : Lunch from Bruegger’s Bagels for you & 3 friends : won by @miket2598 (Mike T)
Day 11 : Brunch for two at Punch Bowl Social : won by @kathryn_213 (Katie Ardner)

Winners, shoot me an email (editor@iheartcleveland.com) to coordinate receiving your prize! Congrats & have a great new week!

  Day 9 giveaway : Drink Distillatta!!!


Happy 2016 friends! How was your holiday season been? Mine was pretty awesome with lots of time away from the computer and work and deadlines, etc. These days off were filled with creative fun, crafting and cooking (OMG, I got a VITAMIX!!!) and visiting friends and cocktails…lots of cocktails. Cheers! Now time for a bit of cleanse…I’m not talking anything too rigid, just being aware and trying to digest less sugar, less bread and less alcohol…the good stuff. Ha!

With that said, I think one of my new 2016 personal goals is going to maybe be to try harder to drink more water. You see, I feel like I do drink massive amounts of water when I work out, (which is pretty regularly) but when that is over I find myself switching to coffee, perhaps a gingerale but not often do I crave a tall glass of water to quench my thirst. Shame on me, I know.

Now that I am back to business it is time to attack our second half of giveaways. So many fun treats for you guys, I hope you enjoy!


Did you know that one of the oldest water distillers and distributors is located in Cleveland? Distillata has been located in downtown Cleveland for over 110 years. Founded in 1897, this Cleveland business still resides in the same street corner as it did when it was founded. The family business offers water (& COFFEE!) distribution to many businesses and residents of Northeast Ohio. Last month they delivered a water cooler and some yummy coffee pods and I gotta say, my studio is a happy group with their treat!

Today’s giveaway is an incredible package….a 30-Day trial of a water cooler, 3, 5-gallon bottles of water, 1 case of bottled water and 4 boxes of K-cups, winner’s choice! This one is a great prize, thanks Distillata for the awesome giveaway, you guys are a true Cleveland gem!

Want to win todays’ giveaway? Follow @Distillata on twitter and tweet me, “@iheartclev I resolve to drink more water in 2016, I’d love to win the @Distillata prize!” Good luck and happy water drinking to all! (winner must be located in their delivery area!)

I was invited to try out Distillata’s water delivery services as part of their social engagements efforts. In exchange for this post I was a provided complimentary water and coffee for our studio! Thanks for supporting this amazing, tried and true business in the CLE that allows me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!