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  GO CAVS!!!


Rest easy, Cavs fans! The wait from Tuesday is over and we can finally go back to cheering on LeBron and the gang. The city of CLE is flooded with wine and gold and everyone is #ALLin for game 4. If you weren’t a Cavs fan before, the time is right to join in on all the hype!  

If your’e looking for the perfect place to watch the game, there are some great go-to hotspots waiting for fans. You can check out Market Garden Brewery located on West 25th, along with Town Hall and Nano Brew on the strip. If you want to catch a glimpse of some newscast celebs, grab a drink on East 4th and you won’t miss a beat. Looking to enjoy this nice summer night? Join in on the watch party at Crocker Park or take a seat on the patio at Hoopples.  

Of course as a fellow fashionista you must have the perfect Cavs gear. All of your CLE fashion can be found at places like Cleveland Clothing Company, GV Art and Fresh Brewed Tees.  Although we may not have Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving, we breathe a sigh of relief that Mathew Dellavedova (aka Delly) is re-hydrated and ready to take charge in tonights matchup. After the Cavs got the win in game 3, their chances of winning the series have increased to 84%….but we know it’s 100% for the win!!!

(written by Erin S. photo from Yahoo Sports)

  A little bit of shopping.


Happy Monday Cleveland. Hope you all had great weekends. It was such a pretty snowy weekend on Friday and Saturday, perfect for the couch, lots of movies, some baking, a dash of cleaning and a trip to the Mall?

Yep, you heard me…we went to the mall.* When is the last time you’ve been to a traditional indoor mall? I can honestly say it’s been awhile since I have and it was the first for little Baby Ninja.

I needed some new makeup and wanted to start holiday-shopping-brainstorming, add my first skinny gingerbread latte of the season, a sleeping baby co-shopper and voila…a lovely afternoon stroll around the mall.

Two things I did come across that, while it might not interest all of you (I mean we ARE talking about the mall) I thought should be noted.

There is an entire new line of clothes at The Limited that screams Olivia Pope. The “Scandal Collection” is full of wide leg trousers, drapey sheer blouses, wrap sweaters and my favorite the Drape Collar Wrap Coat. The whole line is very pretty in person, the fabrics are rich and the colors very subdued.

For the t-shirt lovers on your holiday wish list the creative minds over at Fresh Brewed Tees have set up a stand in the middle of the mall with so many styles that I hadn’t even seen before; great holiday gifts for sure. Personally I smiled when I saw their “This is my Favorite Cleveland Shirt.”

After the mall a quick pit stop at our usual shopping suspect; Target to pick up a few things for the week. While we were there I checked out the Orla Kiely cosmetics, yoga and travel lines. Such perfect gifts for all your fashionable friends, you’ve got to see the entire collection in person. And speaking of collections, have you seen the new Toms for Target Collection? I love their black slip on shoes for me and the little patterned ones for the babes.

So, while I typically don’t visit or regularly share happenings from the mall or Target, I’ve got to say having a baby gives me new appreciation for strolling around warm and indoors while still feeling connected to what’s happening in the retail world.

I hope you and a great weekend and had a few little adventures yourselves. Happy shopping and holiday list-making everyone. Have a great week!

(*I went to Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted)