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  Baby fun update!


Hey friends. How was your weekend? I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the warmer temps, melting snow and sunshine, a great winter weekend in the CLE! Happy MLK Day and happy day off to many of you.

As you probably know by now, Mr. C and I had a little boy this past summer; “Baby Ninja.” Being a new parent is no joke, I mean it’s really hard. We love our little guy with all our might but I would be lying if I didn’t say we miss sleep like nothing else in the whole wide world. We have a handful of friends in the same new parent boat and it’s fun to get together and commiserate about lack of sleep together…over a few cocktails no less, wink.

This past Saturday we went out to Luxe Kitchen with another CLE couple who had a baby just a week before Baby Ninja. It was so fun to swap stories, ask questions and together cheer each other on for those small baby accomplishments. I am still amazed how quickly Baby Ninja continues to grow, to change and to develop as his own mini personality.

While I typically write about things happening around CLE town, from time to time I do like to share what is going on in our lives and I thought a Baby Ninja update along with the products we are currently loving would be a fun way to start the week.

Baby Ninja is sitting up, playing by himself and has started eating big boy food like oranges and bananas. A fun new product to keep homemade baby mush, think bananas and sweet potatoes are the locally designed and reusable product the Press Pouch, a must for any new mom. For clean up I used to keep the Seventh Generation organic lavender dish soap just for washing his bottles but I just started using it on all of our adult dishes, I love how thick it is, goes a long way and makes everything smell like fresh spring.

Baby Ninja likes many of the classic toys that I too used to play with including the colorful ring stacking toy. He hasn’t started actually stacking them but loves to chew on the rings to soothe his sore gums, whatever works. Now that we have moved him from the sink into his new Munchkin duck bath tub he is actually starting to enjoy his bath time including splashing around with his many bath toys. I never envisioned my grown up bathroom being overtaken by toys, scrubbies and inflatable ducks…anything for the babes. Just recently instead of placing every book in his mouth he seems more interested in good illustrations and exciting story lines, “Ninja” by Arree Chung is one of our favorites. Every night before bed we are in the habit of a diaper change and mini baby massage, I LOVE the smell of Babyganics orange blossom, smells like a creamsicle making him good enough to eat.

Lastly Baby N is quickly growing out of most of his baby onesies; he is very tall for his age. Instead of our normal baby blue snap up’s recently he has been rocking some good jeggins and fun bold sweaters; isn’t this bright yellow “like” sweater from the Gap too sweet?

So just a little baby  update paired with some of the little things we are using at our house to keep all of us pretty happy…while we are dreaming of the day when we actually sleep again! New parents, any other new things I should try or explore for Baby N? What cool toys, books or food fun are you loving? Have a great week everyone!

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  friday, coming out of the fog!

Hey Cleveland friends! SO so so wonderful to be slowly coming out of the “new-mom-fog” and back with you here at “iheartcleveland.” Thank you so much to so many of you who have wished us well on this new adventure into parenthood. It really meant a ton to get your kind words during the last few weeks.

After a pretty intense, four-day birth story (ask me about it some other time when we are out for cocktails) Little Baby Ninja was born into the 216 on June 29th. We stayed in the hospital for a few days before going home to further hibernate with our new family member. I now TRULY have a bigger appreciation for a quick run to Target, an impromptu manicure with the gals or a last minute spin class…these last few days I literally have been surviving one hour to another. This mom thing is NO JOKE!

While I have been “away” seems like so much has happened with you and around town. The Fourth of July was a stunning weather weekend and from what I could tell you took full advantage of the beach, rooftop fireworks, boating and boozing. Then there was the overwhelming display of love for our city and our yoga practices at the second annual Believe in CLE at the Rock Hall; did you see the aerial shots? Then there is all the Lebron “decision” which I feel like I knew nothing about until YESTERDAY (how is this possible?) and last GO CLEVELAND, Congrats to everyone who was involved in getting the GOP Convention to our city! So much fun happening around town.

Before I slipped away for these two weeks of “rest” I was working on getting us all packed up for the “hotel” (aka hospital) and thought I would share a few of the fun things I packed to take with us. While I promise this blog will in no way become an “all about baby” blog, I may from time to time slip in a bit about the Baby Ninja..because he is too cute not to share if I may say so myself…proud mom!

So while I may be home, recovering from the whole fiasco here is what we packed for me, for dad and for baby to entertain, soothe, style and make bringing baby into the world a whole lot better than the standard issued hospital garb. Enjoy!


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FOR ME :  I knew I’d be living in the DVF Designed Clinic hospital gown but I had to add my own little bling so I brought gold flip flops to accessorize. I packed my favorite little bottle of coconut body spray that we bought last year on vacation in Hawaii to pretend this was just another tropical hot spot. My sister and new Auntie sent me a fancy chocolate bar from her home town of London and while I couldn’t eat solid foods pre-baby, or chocolate post-baby, I shared the sweet with any visitors and my lovely nurses. I packed lots of magazines and brought my computer but didn’t really have the mental focus to enjoy them so have been catching up on them at home. I brought my own Ms. Spade water cup which I picked up at Lovely Paper & Gifts in Rocky River as well as a big thing of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers to keep myself hydrated. My mom said Oprah swears by these cooling body wipes so they came along as well. Last, I also love the little sound box that was gifted to me  from Loop Cafe it makes wonderful  background soothing sounds perfect to soothe any stressful situation. Lots of goodies to make the “visit” more like home. MORE! →