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  Wedding (vendor) LOVE!

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Hey CLE friends. Hope you are all enjoying this nice week. GO CAVS! The city is alive and electric and I am thrilled to see everyone wearing apparel and supporting our guys. We’ve come so far, we should be so proud!

I am still glowing and on cloud nine from all the fun Mr. C and I had on our wedding day and our trip abroad. Our big day was a magical collaboration of so many of our friends, family and TALENTED Cleveland creatives! We are so lucky to have such great friends in this city.

Today I wanted to give a bit of a shout out to some of the amazing CLE friends,  talented artists and all the love and creativity that made our day extra special. Please reach out to these vendors if you are looking for a very special, one-of-a-kind celebration!

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Food & Bar by Gatherings Kitchen : What can I say? She is my closest friend and ultimate foodie creative; Chef Ruth and her team at Gatherings Kitchen pulled off a non traditional cocktail party and dinner station feast including mini lobster rolls, tiny deviled quail egg hors doerves and a fresh make-your-own noodle bar filled with skewered coconut chicken, grilled shrimp and beef satay for our guests. Not only did “Gatherings” do the food, they outfitted quite the craft cocktail bar including strawberry-infused vodka tonics dressed with fresh basil  and many bottles of Vue Cliquot to cure our bubbly fix! Plus their bartenders were dressed to kill in french-inspired, black and white striped  tee’s…cest magifique! Thank you Gatherings Kitchen, we love you guys.

Sweet Tunes by Dj Goodwin : While Mr. C did have a big influence on the playlists, Dj Goodwin (Reena & Jody) took our party playlists to the next level! Their experience in the party biz allowed them to read the crowd and easily move them from a slow dance to a get-down-boogie boogie Beyonce hit in one fell swoop! Plus she was just too cute with her white and gold headsets jamming out as she played the evenings hits for our guests who were killing it on the dance floor. Thanks Dj Reena & Jody Goodwin. Cheers to many more dancing nigthts to ya!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.34 PMThe Coolest Cake by Cake Couture : Our creative, sylish and incredibly delicious cake masterpiece was made by my friend Cristina of Cake Couture. Thank you Cristina for making something so incredibly indulgent AND gorgeous. We hope you liked our spray painted little family toppers…we sure as heck LOVED your frosting and fondant!

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Cookies by Katie : My sister Katie is quite the talented baker and cookie decorator. Thank you Katie for “importing” the adorable mini black and white works of art all the way from Seattle. The were so “sweet!”

Photography by Suzuaran : Cleveland is very blessed to have a talented duo like Suzanne and Dan of Suzuaran Photography. The way they worked the room to capture the little details and special event happenings was so incredible. I remember having conversations with party guests and then noticing Suzanne looking over our shoulders capturing every smile, joke and hug, she has such a great eye for the details. After all the ceremony details were had, our guests were entertained with the custom photobooth that Dan had made. I’m telling you these two are quite the photo power house. Thank you Suzanne and Dan for capturing all of the love in the room…even when the temps went sky high.

Makeup by Jessica Herber Miller & Hair by Tiffani of Lov Lox : Thank you to these two lovely women who made me feel like a million bucks. Jessica not only arrived early but she came with a new lipstick I had inquired about. Thank you Jessica, I am loving my new coral Chanel color for summer. Tiffani showed up with homemade oat bars in hand and her fancy Curling iron in the other. She took my hair from standard low, side bun to an upsweep of choreographed swoops and curls. Thank you Tiffani for securing my hair with every last bobby pin known to man.

Live music by Baby Dayliner : When planning the event it was really important to us to have a great party, one that included a bit of live music. We knew just who we’d ask to perform and he accepted! Thank you Baby Dayliner for road tripping from NYC to spend the weekend in the 216 to perform at our wedding. We know you walked away with a handful of new fans that night. Keep on making new music, we can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next.

Pretty flowers & my floral dress : Thank you to my sisters and friends who slaved over the flowers for the tables, bountenniers and bouquets. I know it was a lot to ask of everyone to whip out gorgeous florals but as expected they all turned out amazing. My dress also couldn’t have been more perfect for a spring wedding at an edgy gallery – florals meet vintage rock n roll. The dress fabric was from IKEA and my friend Lori used a vintage pattern to make my vision become reality. Thanks Lori, it couldn’t have happened without you!.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.26.42 PMCeremony backdrop “gems” :  I am so thankful for the chance meeting with Mandy of Craft Course Nashville two years ago while I was attending Alt Summit. Mandy and her partner Emily are the creative minds & makers behind many stunning window displays, event graphics and creative installations. Thank you Craft Course for making us some of your exquisite oversized gems for the backdrop of a perfect day. Mr C and I truly think they added such a special element to our day. Thank you.

Super Electric after party : We really didn’t want the party to end and so we moved our friends and family downstairs, outside and then back up to the party playhouse of the guys of Super Electric. Like pinball machines? Well this is the place for you. I even rode their slide in my wedding dress…still hoping someone caught a good pic.

The Westin & Uber : We would be remissed not to give a shout out to the Westin for the amazing accommodations for us, our family and friends. Not only were our accommodations great (the view!) the room service and staff were seriously top notch. Uber moved our party from place to place on time and in one swoop, gotta love those CLE Uber drivers. Thanks guys!

So what can I say but “Merci Beaucoup” to my amazing CLE creative friends and vendors. Our party was absolutely perfect because of you. We feel very blessed and lucky to have such talented friends in this city. For more photos visit our event hashtag #chairbenwed.

Thanks to @Lzone, @ksdamato & @deboestudio & @greendogwine for the great instagram images, you ladies rock!

  Gifts for your loved ones!

Good morning CLE! Happy hearts week. I have to say that Valentines Day is truly one of my favorite little holidays. It’s filled with chocolate and glitter, everything pink and pretty and whether you have a hot sweetie or an afternoon girl date planned, love is in the air all around.

I tried to find a few little special gifts/places that you might find interesting as good places to score a gift for your special person for Valentine’s Day…this Friday guys. Good luck and enjoy.

Indigo Perfumery : If your sweetie loves a pretty scent then you’ve got to stop by the lovely new perfumery on the Westside. I went by there the other day and was blown away with all of their international perfumes for sale. I tried a few on and really enjoyed a fragrance inspired by the English Actress “Tilda Swinton” called “Like This.” It wasn’t overly floral but had a twist of something different. Besides all of the amazing perfumes, they also offer candles and even make-your-own-scent workshops, all wonderful gifts for your love this Valentines Day.indigoLilly’s Chocolates : If your loved one has a sweet tooth then this Tremont establishment has the perfect solution for your Valentines Day gift. Lilly’s not only offers the most exquisite chocolates, don’t forget about there amazing selection of bubbly, beer & wines to go!


Urban Orchid : While I am typically a “Heinen’s flower girl”…for special occasions I can’t say enough about the creative flower masters at Urban Orchid in Hingetown. Urban Orchid creates more than just a dozen log-stemmed roses, they are so creative you’ll love what they whip up for your loved one. I’ve sent a few bouquets to friends around town and I’ve got to say not only were they stunning and unique, they were delivered on time and at a good price point. Remember, this is their busy week…get your orders in today!


Oceanne Jewelry : This lovely local jewelry artist makes the most charming pieces that will tug on the heart strings of every romantic. While she does many area shows, she also has a wonderful Etsy shop where you can explore her work and choose the perfect piece of bling for your babes.

necklaceCleveland Clothing Company : This Cleveland-pride retailer has released a few new products for the holiday week. Check out this “Haute in Cleveland” pullover that every sassy Valentine should have. Besides apparel they also offer wine glasses, posters, tote bags and more, a great place to get some gifts for the Cleveland-lover in your life.


Gatherings Kitchen, L’Albatros & La Petite Triangle : Looking to stay in for the evening but don’t want to have the evening centered around cooking? Call the team of chef’s at Gatherings Kitchen for an exquisite to-go option. We picked this dinner up last year and it was packaged so thoughtfully not to mention totally delicious. Call today to reserve your dinner. Then there is my favorite for wine and cheese L’Albatros in University Circle. I’m not sure if they will still have reservations available, but if you are looking to impress you should try your hardest to get yourself a table for Fridays holiday. My other choice for a romantic dinner out would be La Petite Triangle in Ohio City. For a sweet or savory crepe this lovely french-infused restaurant oozes romance. Same goes for them, not sure about reservation availability I would call right away!

Just a few recommendations for the happy hearts day holiday. Whatever you do or whatever small gesture of love and affection you plan to give your sweetie, the simple words of “Happy Valentines Day” will melt any heart. Happy Monday everyone hope your week is wonderful.