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  Picnic in Public Square with Heinens


Good morning! Today I am excited to share with you some wonderful images from our “Picnic in Public Square”  from last week. I invited a handful of friends to meet up after work downtown in the new(ish) Public Square for an after work happy hour picnic. I brought cheese and crackers, some incredible apricots, watermelon & clementines, summer ales, homemade sandwiches, a few cookies and some layered blueberry & lemon parfaits, it was delicious.


Public Square was the perfect setting for our urban meet up. There was plenty of parking after the work crowd rolled out of downtown and the park was rather quiet. It was an incredible setting to be enjoying nature in the middle of skyscrapers and historical buildings, I think we all had one of those “I can’t believe this is Cleveland!” kind of “ah ha moments” while we all enjoyed our evening together.


Heinen’s had reached out and offered me a $100 gift card to put together a picnic with everything from their store. I love their produce department so buying fruits and veggies was super easy. They also have a great wine and beer department so finding just the right six pack for our outing was very fun…not how cute is this can? I found some great little baguettes and ended up making each of us basil, arugula, prosciutto, tomatoe and fresh mozzarella sandwiches…including a touch of Lemon Herb Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen; also sourced from Heinen’s.

75897For dessert I had to do something with ball jars and so I filled them with blueberries and then whipped up some lemon pudding which was dolloped on top. I also bought small orange shortbread cookies which were quote the treat.  The wrapped sandwiches and ball jar parfaits were made the night before and we keep in a cooler while I was at work awaiting our picnic fun.


So, the moral of this story is that as we enter August there is still PLENTY of summer left to plan your picnic outing with your friends. Pick a fun location, plan an easy menu and spend the time outdoors with your friends!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Heinen’s who invited me to host a summer picnic as part of their social outreach. I received a $100 gift card to Heinen’s in exchange for my post. Thanks for supporting this local business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Feeling French (with new wines from Heinen’s!)


Hey friends. Hope everyone had a great weekend and an awesome Monday /Tuesday to get the week started. This past one was a quiet weekend for me and Baby Ninja, but honestly with the cold temps and the rainy Saturday it was a great excuse to stay inside and get caught up on a few house things …including pulling out a few fall sweaters. Seriously, can we talk about how fall fashions are the best? I love colored tights in bright hues, and how about a new slouchy sweater over a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans…bring on fall I am ready for you.

You know what else I love about fall? All the fall wines that will soon be popping up on the shelves of your local grocer. I’m not talking about just any new wines..I am especially interested in the French wines that are being imported from across the pond especially for Heinen’s and for us to buy and enjoy this fall.


Recently I was invited to attend a very informative wine tasting hosted by the wine enthusiasts at Heinen’s to show and share their new French wine offerings. Not only were the varietals delicious and unique, but each bottle was affordable and totally an option for a weeknight dinner pairing. French wines are known to be on the more pricey side, but the team at Heinen’s have used their relationships with the actual wineries to make great French wines at an affordable cost for all of their grocery stores in the area, you’ve got to pick up a few bottles next time you stop in. Happy fall everyone, happy French wines to all.


I was invited to attend a French Wine Tasting at Heinen’s as part of their public relations efforts. Thanks for supporting these local businesses that allow me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  …Bring MAY flowers!


Hey friends, hope your weekend, your Mother’s Day festivities and this fabulous spring-summer weekend has been good to you. These last few days we have been busy at our house prepping for our big party. Tons of cleaning, shopping and a bunch of spring gardening.

The other day when I stopped into Heinen’s (for the awesome salad bar) I noted all of the flowers were in bloom and ready for planting. Everything from faux-flourescent hanging plants to lots of herbs for the smaller kitchen gardens: they had something for every level of gardener.

It’s that time of year friends, the annual  “Celebrate Spring” event at all  Heinen’s locations. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb introduce yourself to the ladies in the garden department and they can help you pick the perfect plants for your home spring planting project.

IMG_0782 IMG_0784

I bought a few rosemary plants, some basil, a small container of mint (mojitos anyone?) and even got them planted over the weekend.

IMG_0785 IMG_0778

So if you are in the planting mode AND you need some wine and cheese, swing into your local Heinen’s for a bit of spring fun.

I was invited to experience the “Celebrate Spring” flower happening at Heinen’s including a gift certificate to purchase a plant as part of their marketing efforts. Thanks for supporting the organization that allows me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Weekend fun!


Hey friends! No matter what someone might say, there is NEVER a dull moment int the CLE! This upcoming weekend is filled with two of my favorite things…Champagne bubbles and decorating stories from some of the best in the business Chip and his lovely wife Joanna Gaines from the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper.

This week marks the first annual Idea Stream Week of Wine. Celebrating wines and wine making this event is hosted by WVIZ/PBS and Heinen’s. While there are a few great signature tasting events, Friday nights champagne tasting event looks the best to me. I mean, who can turn down multiple tastes of bubbles paired with hor’doeuvres by many of Clevelands best chefs. $75 tickets are still available…get yours today!

If bubbly is not your thing…perhaps you’re into home design and remodeling…enter this weekend Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo. Friday through Sunday at the new Cleveland Convention Center you can hang with many of  Northeast Ohio’s best contractors and designers to talk “all things home.” PLUS my favorite HGTV design couple Chip and Joanna Gaines will be there to talk about how to take your house and make it feel like home. Chip and Joanna are obviously talented design experts but I also really enjoy their quirky chemistry with one another. For appearance times and tickets visit their site.

So, while you are starting to make weekend plans don’t miss out on these two fun events. I look forward to drinking many bubbles and geeking out at the show with you…Cheers!

  Heinen’s Downtown

photo 1

By now you’ve probably heard that there is a new grocery store downtown? (ha ha ha) Last Sunday, through the big snowstorm we thought it would be “very urban of us” to trek down to Heinen’s and do our weekly shopping in this new downtown, city architectural gem. The new store did not disappoint.

From the gorgeous stained glass window in the main rotunda to the cozy aisles of weekly pantry needs, our trip was filled with adventure while addressing the rather monotonous, task of weekly grocery shopping.

photo 1 copyphoto 3Fellow new CLE moms, my only word of advice…when shopping with a little one in this location plan to “baby-carry,” as some of the aisles are a bit snug for our sub-urban baby joggers and the carts don’t have a place for little ones. No big deal for now, but give Baby Ninja a few more squirmy months and I can only imagine running around the rotunda with him…not in a good way.

As always, the produce was awesome. The meat and fish sparkled all fresh and pretty displayed in the new shiny cases. The little wellness area called me to buy a handful of unique granola bars. If you haven’t gone on your own grocery-store-field-trip to this new Heinen’s location, I think you should check it out soon!