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  Friday fun : succulents

Happy Friday CLE! Hope everyone has lots of fun plans on the horizon for another chilly weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I heart  winter (if I didn’t we would have a problem) however with spring fashions, vacation wishes and a few home projects on the horizon I am starting to crave the feeling of spring. Bring it on spring!

With that said how many of you have ever wanted to make a terrarium? I tell you what, just the little bit of green brings a lot of life to a dining room or end table. The green living plants evoke growth and spring to me. To learn more about making your own terrarium, swing by any of our area greenhouses such as Petitti’s or Gale’s in Westlake for some tips and tricks…don’t forget the rocks and charcoal for good drainage and root growth.

Yesterday I stopped into Home Depot for some teeny tiny brass nuts (crafternoon project to come!) and was immediately welcomed by their just-in shipment of assorted succulents. Perfect to turn every wintery terrarium into springtime bliss. If you have time at lunch or on your way home swing by Home Depot on 117th to get yours while the getting is good. Happy container gardening CLE…happy weekend and to those of you attending the big weekend bash; happy Jump Back Ball!