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  Tribe fashion talk

So I went to a Tribe game last week. Great seats, lower level, behind third base, 10 rows in…the weather was perfect and while we didn’t bring home a win, a soft pretzel with a cold beer and a ride to the game on the Great Lakes Brewing Co’s “Fatty Wagon” made the evening a perfect baseball night.

Did I mention the game fashions? I mean some of us were dressed in their work attire making our way to the game from a long work day while others were able to slip into something more Indians themed or even red, white and blue. Then there were those who looked like they were ready for a sassy night on the town sprinkled with a few who were wearing what I swear were pajamas. The Tribe sure does bring out many different ideas as to what sporting fashion looks like.

If I was to pick a really fun Tribe tee, I found this one from Pink or Victoria Secret. Wouldn’t it be so cute paired with a pair of clean white jeans and old school tretorns? Add your boyfriends baseball cap, a pair of classic Ray Ban aviators and a small cross-body purse and voilla…you my friend are ready for a night out at the ballpark.

Now please, get out of your pj’s and make yourself presentable…represent! :)

  it’s a heat wave!

Well hello hotness…I don’t know about you, but I can’t get this little Irving Berlin ditty out of my head today…”We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, The temp’rature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, She certainly can can-can.” …It is definitely a hot summer day, no complaining from me.

This weekend there are lots of ways to stay cool and take in the summer sights of our city. You could check out the new Jonathan Sawyer restaurant, Noodlecat. If I head down I will cool off with some “Ohio edamame,” a bowl of chilled Mori Soba and to wash it down some refreshing Asian-inspired ice tea.

You could put on your bathing suit and head over to Crocker Park to run around with the kiddos in the “spitting” fountains. Now, wouldn’t that be fun, or scary, or both!

Of course there are the obvious choices, Edgewater, Huntington, Headlands or any of the city pools for a quick dip to cool off. Don’t forget to bring your flippy floppy’s the sand or pool deck is going to be scorching.

The Indians are having Beach Weekend, including hauling in over 300 tons of sand, a dunk tank and beachy fireworks. Come down and watch our boys run the bases and beat the Whitesox’s. Don’t forget your sunglasses…the future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

Looking for a little shopping to cool your hot weekend? Don’t miss the Stash Style Pop Up Shop located in the Beachcliff Market Plaza (next to Francesca’s) kicking off Friday night and all day Saturday. Owner Shannon has the space filled with antique furniture, jewels and all sorta of finds from her travels. Stop on by!

So, let’s just say there are still hot things to do around town, get out there and enjoy it!

On another side note, can you even believe how adorable this little bathing beauty is? Gracing the cover of today’s Plain Dealer, little Nora Baker is my kinda lady! Splish’n  and splash’n around in our Lake is what I do best during these dog days of summer. Nora, you are a lady after my own heart…gorgeous shot! Happy weekend to all!

(photo by Plain Dealer photography staff)