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  summer checklist!

Morning! Can you believe some of our little Cleveland residents will put on their new shoes, pack a lunch and go back to school today? Where did the summer go? I guess the time old saying really does ring true…time flies when you are having fun. This summer was packed to the gills with fun, no wonder it’s the end of August already.

I don’t know about you, but at the beginning of this summer I put pen to paper and wrote myself a little list of “summer 2011 to-do’s,” I must say I made it through most everything with a few little things yet to tackle…good thing I’ve got a few more weeks!

– Visit Jeni’s in Chagrin Falls (pistachio & honey/strawberry & buttermilk!)
– Make mussels on the grille
– Go Kayaking (Twice! With the guys at 41 degrees north, they rock!)
– Enjoy a Tribe game (even sat in the social suite!)
– Attend my third Summer Solstice Party at the Cleveland Museum of Art, always a magical evening.
– Explore new restaurants including Flour, Umami, Noodle Cat & Market Garden Brewery (Still need to hit up Banana Blossom)
– Spend time on one of our Northern Ohio beaches (How I LOVE Mentor Headlands so much!)
– Go to the Cuyahoga County Fair (Lots of cute baby animals & a corn dog!)
– Spray paint my porch furniture & have a few friends for drinks on the porch (complete with record player)
– Camping out with friends. (karaoke round the campfire, gourmet camp cooking & midnight visits from raccoons!)
– Cook out pizzas on the grille (Trader Joes makes great pizza dough for the crusts)
– Take in the tunes at a Wade Oval Wednesday, super fun.

The few things I need to still try and do to make my summer complete…
– Go for a night ride with Century Cycles on the towpath, there are a few more scheduled.
– Pack up the picnic basket for an after work picnic at Huntington Beach with dessert from Mitchell’s Ice Cream.
– Tackle one of the homemade ice cream recipes from my new Jeni’s cookbook
– Finish my chic Browns Skirt…yes, I am going to make a cute skirt to wear tailgating. No making fun. :)
–  Try and go camping one more time.
– And last, after all the ice cream…take a free Sunday morning yoga class at the still new Lululemon store at the Eaton Collection

So all in all, my summer has been amazing! Cleveland is filled with so much fun, you just have to go find it or make the fun for yourself. Did you have a summer list? Did I miss anything? Fill me in…for next years list! :)

(illustration…another page from my amazing yard sale find the Cleveland 1981 Calendar by Viktor Schreckengost, amazing!)

  Farm Chic

Hey Yall! Today my mind is racing in so many directions today. I am doing a few home projects in preparation for some out of town family visitor fun, we are super summer busy at work and currently I am obsessing over what one should wear to a THE summer farm & food event…this weekends Veggie U Food & Wine Celebration.

Veggie U is the not-for-profit arm at the Culinary Vegetable Institute located in Milan, OH. This organization supports educating fourth-graders about the importance of good eating through planting, growing and harvesting their own in-classroom gardens. How cool is that?

The celebration on the farm will feature great down home food and wine from the likes of Chef Amanda Freitag and Lee Anne Wong, while dessert will be scooped out by THE Miss Jeni Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream (Can I tell you how excited I am to meet her…small business idol!)

Currently I am thinking my outfit will include something very “farm chic,” not a maxi dress to drag on the ground, but more on a knee length number, light and airy with some sort of kickin flat and a big hat to block the sun, what’s everyone else wearing?

Hope to see you all Saturday, down on the farm! Get your tickets today as there are only a few left.

(photo of Jeni & Farmer Lee Jones at last years farm bash taken by George Lange)

  Happy monday.

It was an AMAZING weekend to be living in the CLE! From yard sales and block parties, to arts fest’s and Summer Solstice, to long bike rides and chilling on the front porch…it was a weekend to go down in history for sure.

Since the weekend is over and I have to get back to business, I leave you with two things…

First, don’t forget about the meet up tomorrow night at Jeni’s ice cream in Chagrin Falls, 7pm. Deanna & Kelly T. your first scoop is on me! Fill your station wagon with all your friends and set out for a sweet treat after dinner…or just plan to eat ice cream for dinner!

Second, Can you guess where I am in the picture? I’ll give you a hint…it’s a museum of tunes…guess away!

Have a great Monday. Be cool Cleveland!

  i heart Jeni’s! (meet up!)

Good Time from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on Vimeo.

Good morning Cleveland. It’s raining cats and dogs out there today, so grab your galoshes & umbrellas and jump in a puddle or two to celebrate the official start of summer, Cleveland-style!

Over the weekend I indulged in what might be the best ice cream in all the land, Jeni’s Pistachio Honey & Strawberry Buttermilk Pint. The combination of clean summer strawberry melted into the nutty green pistachios made me so happy, for breakfast no less!

Have you been to the new Jeni’s location over in Chagrin Falls? I haven’t, but have been craving an evening ice cream adventure by the falls. Want to meet up and indulge together? What flavor would you pick? Shall we have an Cleveland LOVES Jeni’s ice cream meet up? How about we meet Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm for an evening of ice cream indulging? Bring your friends, kids, dogs, all are welcome.

BEST PART, I’ll pick up the tab for a scoop to the first two readers who comment and tell me their favorite Jeni’s flavor, memory, or new flavor idea!

In the meantime, watch the video, savor the ingredients, the filming is stunning, Jeni is so adorable-not to mention a savvy business lady. I heart Jeni’s for so many reasons!