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  Luna Bakery : Toddler morning out in Cleveland (part 1)



Good morning Cleveland!! Happy May!!! While I typically don’t mind the rainy days, I think it’s time for the sun to come out and warm up the ground a bit. I have a few new pairs sandals and I am psyched to be able to wear them…it’s this time of year that I find so challenging to dress…as much as I want to wear black tights, I resist every morning with a pop of brights colors instead…trying to dress for what’s ahead. Bring on summer!


In honor of Mothers’ Day week, I’m sharing a recent special morning that “Toddler Ninja” and I had on the east side of town. While I typically don’t post “mommy posts” Dad was out of town so I had the little guy all to myself…the morning was truly magical I had to share!


We kicked off our Saturday morning adventure with breakfast “eats” at Luna Bakery. “Luna” is nestled into the side of Fairmount Hill in Cleveland Heights and is seriously one of my favorite places in town. From their light-as-air macaroons to their amazing savory crepes this bakery is one of Cleveland’s finest. Recently they added another dining area so there is plenty of space for everyone, lots of high chairs and even a runway for toddlers to explore…if you catch my drift.


From the outside of Luna we enjoyed watching the bakers dip strawberries in chocolate, create special cakes and we even walked up and down through their outside seating area…what you won’t do for your toddler to keep them entertained. :)

022019We ended our visit with some special sugar cookies one for each of us. he chose a Cavs jersey cookie (GO CAVS!) and I couldn’t resist the Ohio love cookie.

I’m loving this stage of toddler that we are in. Everything is so new and exciting. Everything is a story and needs to be explained. While I don’t love the toddler “negotiations” it is fun to see his brain literally working before our eyes…the kid is persistent, I gotta give ‘em that. He is running and jumping and climbing and talking in almost full sentences…he is so fun.

We had a great morning at Luna just toddler and me. Next time you are looking for an incredible brunch experience give it a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  Sharing the CLE

Hello & happy friday everyone. Hope you have enjoyed your week and have lots on the agenda for your weekly holiday. This weekend, I’m gonna hit up the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival tomorrow to hear Ms. Grace Bonney of Design Sponge speak and maybe try and swing by the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy for some authentic Italian food. I also might try and finish up a few home projects and get outside to enjoy this almost fall-like weather. What are you guys up too this weekend?

Last weekend was a whirlwind one for me. I’ve sorta been a bit of a hermit since Baby Ninja was born; just trying to get a grip on motherhood as it pertains to “4th trimester” style, personal freedom and let’s not even talk about sleeping…time’s are a changing. However when I was approached by Positively Cleveland about hosting a fellow blogger from Chicago for a weekend I thought it was the perfect segway into getting back out on the town and boy did we ever.

Friday night I met Lauren of Lion and Maven, at the new Urban Farmer for cocktails and and charcuterie. The new hot spot was rockin and there were lots of guests enjoying the patio.  I have to say, it was the perfect place to kick off the weekend and get to know my out of town guest. From there we had dinner at Chef Michael Symons’ East 4th establishment; Lola’s. Dinner included wonderful salads, oysters, beef cheek pierogies, halibut, pork chops and dessert to share. After dinner we wanted to check out the new Red Steakhouse rooftop bar which showcased wonderful views of that part of the city; it’s gonna be one busy bar once the Cavs start up again. Then it was time to go home…I was beat to say the least.

lola_1lola_2lola_3(Friday dinner at Lola’s – beet salad & halibut)


  Luna Bakery = love

Morning CLE. The other morning I had a the opportunity to have a pre-work breakfast at this bakery that only existed in my wildest dreams. It was tiny, filled with light and tucked away in the corner of a thriving neighborhood. Upon entering  the scent of butter wafts through the air like a spring perfume. The pretty bakery creations are displayed on the counters, the coffee is perking and the friendly staff wait to serve you a morning meal with a smile. Luna Bakery was not in my dreams but instead on Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights.