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  Our little baby ninja’s “welcome story”

Ninja_1(little Baby Ninja’s birth announcements printed from Minted.com)

Hello. My name is Charity. I am a designer (chartreuseinc.com), a blogger (iheartcleveland.com) a best friend, partner, daughter, sister, cyclist, adventurer and, as of late, I am a new Mom to our little “Baby Ninja.” I’ve been back and forth on when and what and even how I’d write and share about my little guy’s birth story. How could I possibly put into words all of the varying emotions I’ve felt over the past year? And honestly, how to get it out without sitting in a puddle of tears. But here I am, tissues at the ready, and here goes nothing.

Seth Godin once said, “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”  To be honest, I have always been so afraid of the idea of being pregnant or actually giving birth so much that it had paralyzed me. Giving up control over my body, my mind, (Yes, “pregnancy brain” exists!) my daily activities and my future plans scared the beejeezus out of me. Then, last year happened and I realized turning forty was coming up in the next two years and if I had even the tiniest desire to try for a bambino we probably should give it a shot…and so we did. And the rest is history. And boy, was I SCARED.

I was very lucky that, overall, it was a pretty easy pregnancy. I had the gestational diabetes scare but I was cleared and all was well. At about month seven I started swelling up like a balloon and became very uncomfortable. My size 7.5 feet were now squeezing into size 9s, with flip flops as my only option. I could barely walk as waddling was more my speed. Exercise was off the table while I longed for a hard spin class or a hot yoga sweat fest. At a certain point, just making it through daily activities made me pretty elated. I became so uncomfortable that I was hoping the little man would make an early appearance, and I think everyone else thought so too. So I kept going to my weekly check-ups and with each time nothing, nada, no movement, no “Ninja.” We kept waiting…and I was SCARED.

We ate spicy foods, went on long bumpy drives in the car, had eggplant, drank rose hip tea and yes, tried a few other “unmentionables.” We tried everything, but nothing seemed to do the trick.

Ninja_2(each announcement had a touch of gold foil stamping o the front side. Just enough to make them feel rich and important but not over the top to make them too fussy) MORE! →

  Baby Ninja’s Nursery


Happy Monday everybody! Hope your weekends were great, don’t they fly by a bit too fast?

I’ve been meaning to share some pics of our little Baby Ninja’s nursery so here we go. It isn’t a big room but perfect for snuggles, reading books, lego building and lots of smiles. It’s a blend of my obsession of vintage globes, local artwork and a touch of modern baby style.


Nursery_7 MORE! →

  Every Mother Counts with Minted

Hey CLE, having a great week? While we just celebrated the Easter holiday and happy Earth Day to ya, I am already thinking about the next celebration; Mother’s Day! While I’ve always loved the holiday, being an expectant Mom this year is even more special.

This year while I was at Alt Summit I had the pleasure of hearing Christy Turlington Burns super model and founder of Every Mother Counts and Mariam Naficy of Minted give a luncheon keynote talk. They spoke about the importance of the organization which helps to decrease maternal mortality across the world. I mean I don’t know if it was all the hormones I have rushing through my blood or actually how stunning their film was, but it for sure brought tears to my eyes.


You might ask “why I am telling you about this?” Well, have you ever shopped the indie art prints available on Minted.com? I have a few of them integrated into my local art collection and I just love how they come framed and ready to hang. Plus, you can personalize most prints as gifts for friends, babies and yep…you guessed it MOM’S!

What better holiday to celebrate all Mom’s and to make an impact worldwide than shopping on Minted.com for the gift of art for your Mom. For Mother’s Day 2014, Minted has pledged to donate 20% of all of their art sales to the Every Mother Counts organization, a wonderful partnership and promotion.

What I thought was pretty cool is that they have offered you an exclusive “I Heart Cleveland” donation code (HEARTCLEVELANDEMC) that we can use when we purchase our mom’s some cool artwork (now through 4/28) then, after the holiday we will receive a follow up that will include how much we actually donated through our purchases to Every Mother Counts.

Big Heart by Jorey Hurly and I Hearty U by Precious Bugarin Design

If you use the code from the April 22nd to the 28th you will also receive a downloadable card to let your Mom’s know that a donation to Every Mother Counts was made in her name.

Minted is a great company that promotes independent artists. Every Mother Counts is a wonderful world-wide organization that supports the health of Mom’s. Clevelanders are a passionate group of engaged, creative, givers and doers and I just thought this might be a fun offering/post to share with everyone. Happy shopping everybody!



  Cleveland at ALT!

Hello and happy Thursday Cleveland! It has been a whirlwind of week but I am back to business and ready to share all about my trip to Salt Lake City at the 2014 Alt Summit.

Alt_introWith the snow and super cold temps, I was one of the lucky few who had smooth sailing, travel-wise out to Utah. My room at the Grand America was just that; grand! Every fixture was dipped in gold, the room included the fluffiest of pillows for sweet creative dreams and the chocolate left before bed on the pillow made for perfect night cap. Registration was easy-peasy and we were off…ready to dive into my first Alt Summit. MORE! →