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  Friday fun!

Hey Cleveland….happy (hour) Friday, happy Browns and happy arrival of fall fashions! It’s been an extra fun-filled weekend here in my “land of hearts” how about you? Now that it is back-to-school season it seemed like there is an extra push to get things done before this years holiday season rolls into town. Lots of social functions, work events, creative pow-wows and plenty of end of the summer-almost fall fun. With that said…it’s Friday and the fun just continues to roll into town…time to get busy!

Below are just a few ideas I had of things I want to get into this weekend…check them out!

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 3.50.37 PM

Roar Along the Shore : For the end of the summer celebration along the shores of our stunning Lake Erie get your tushes down to the dock by 8:30pm TONIGHT! Great bands, lots of nauti style a cocktail or two…it’s gonna be BANANA’s! Be there! (make sure to get your ticket online prior, tickets will not be sold on the boat!)

Great Lakes Brewing Block Party : If you miss the boat but still want to party the evening away with another Cleveland gem, don’t miss out on the Great Lakes Brewing Co, 25th Anniversary neighborhood block party. 11am-9pm. Complete with Beer AND Bands. It’s gonna be a great party, plus the weather is perfect for a cold brewsky outside! Congrats Great Lakes, you don’t look a day over 20! :)

Cleveland Museum of Art MIX Friday  : Feeling “artsy” this evening and looking to get your groove on amongst some fine works of art? Then do I have the event for you! Check out the monthly art Friday evening Soirée at MIX. Art, music and cocktails from 5-9pm. It is truly a stunning place and a fabulous visual party.

Cleveland Garlic Festival : There is nothing like a good roasted clove of garlic spread on a toasted piece of bread…however other might also enjoy garlic ice cream, garlic pancakes and garlic popovers at this years Shaker Square Garlic Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Plus there is a crowned Miss Garlic…enough said!

Cleveland Browns : Here we have it friends, the day we wait months for…BROWNS OPENING DAY! Bring on the clear purses (for security sakes) and don’t forget to wear your Browns best! It’s gonna be a great day! Go BROWNIES! MORE! →

  North Union Farmers Market @ the Clinic

Happy Thursday to you. Another sunny, hot day in the city. It’s been so steamy at my house (due to lack of AC) that the other night I had to take down my picture frame art wall due to some of the frames dropping like flies. A) Ikea frames are pretty fragile and bust when dropped from over 4 feet above the ground and B) 3M sticky velcro strips don’t love humidity. So, with that said I have a bit of hammer, nail and new frame project for this weekend….on to the good stuff!

Yesterday we took a lunch field trip to check out the 6th year collaboration of the Cleveland Clinic and North Union Farmers Market. Every Wednesday from 10:30-1:30 (through the end of August) you can find interns, doctors, steel drum bands, celebrity chefs (sometimes) and lots of visitors mingling in the courtyard of the clinic over fresh veggies, fruits & culinary creations.


  FREE Yoga!

For all you weekly workout planners, jot down these two FREE yoga classes being offered by Lululemon this upcoming Saturday AND Sunday.

Saturdays class will be from 10-11am at the North Union’s Farmers Market in Shaker Square. Outside yoga is so fun and refreshing, it truly challenges your mind to turn inward and concentrate on the body and spirit and NOT the onlookers, cars and the busy world around you.

If an outside practice is not your thing, visit the new(er) Lululemon store Sunday at 11am for an indoor, in-store practice. All the clothing racks are pushed back, mats rolled out and music turned up for this hour long FREE class.

Either way, a good stretch and a FREE class makes me super happy. Time to get my practice on!