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  The 40th Annual International Cleveland Film Festival

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.47.51 PMThis weeks marks the 40th Annual International Cleveland Film Festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. As a proud society member, I am thrilled with this years lineup of films. Everything from animated documentary’s to thrillers, romantic french films and those quirky Asian adventure flicks…I can’t wait to the next two weeks of film filled fun.

This festival also marks my 10th year spending special time with my Mom. For the past decade my Mom comes in from out of town and we pack a long weekend with all sorts of incredible, creative films. During the “breaks” we make our way over to the lobby bar in The Ritz Carlton for a fancy cocktail and amazing people watching, to the bar at Blue Point Grille for a cup of Lobster Bisque and a glass of vino or if we feel like a quick drive across the bridge we have been known to hit up the happy hour at Momocho for taquitos and margaritas if we can squeeze into the bar. I love my annual visit with one of my favorite gal pals….my mom!

Have you bought your tickets yet? Just a few of the shows we have tickets for…
Love is All You Need
The Art that Nature Makes : the Work of Rosamond Purcell
A Good American
and a handful of others!

For film descriptions and the entire festival lineup visit their website here.

I literally am counting down until the festival. Looking forward to running into you in line or in the lobby. I’ll have my tote bag packed with “provisions!” Cheers, happy film fest everyone.

  How I do the CLE Int FILM FEST!

ffHey CLE! How has your week been? I think the spring-weather-gods are shining down on us, its so wonderful not to have to wear ten layers to get out the door in the morning. I heart SPRING in the 216, everyone seems lighter, brighter and overall more kind to one another when the weather turns from cold to mild….and then the FILM FEST rolls into town and makes everything better!!!

Have you picked up your film program and planned your Cleveland International Film Festival experience yet? I am counting the days till the excitement rolls into town.  Every year, my mom comes for a visit and we binge watch a handful of films that I select for us. I try and pick a documentary, an “artsy” film, something from France and when available a light, romantic comedy.

This year I have selected a handful of good ones including one I am especially excited about…The Wolfpack. It’s a documentary about a family of six adult children who live in New York City but have no interaction with society thanks to their “alpha male” father. Instead, they learn how the world exists through thousands of movies they watch and creatively reenact at home. It really looks to be both bizarre and wonderful all rolled into one incredible movie. What movies are you excited about?

When I am headed down to Terminal Tower for a few solid hours of film fest, I have specific “must have’s” that I bring with me. I bring a stylish tote bag like the Curtin Tote designed and produced locally by Blair Ritchey. I fill it with the typical toiletries including tissues for those emotional flicks, lip balm for when the theaters are dry and a hand sanititzer for all the RTA yucky-ness. I highly advise bringing a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and to deter you from filling up on theatre soda. I also like to bring a healthy snack such as an apple for between movie munchies. If you are feeling indulgent a Lilly’s of Tremont chocolate bar and a small can of Sofia champagne in a can is also a film fest treat.

I like to wear slip on shoes; stylish sneakers or flats work well for getting comfy during the movies. Dress in layers as sometimes the theaters are a bit chilly or a little hot…it always helps to have options.

Sometimes between movies I like to slip away to the Ritz Carlton Cleveland or a drink at their Lobby Bar on Six. They typically offer film fest drink specials and even a few movie-themed cocktails, plus you never know what actor or filmmaker you might spot hanging out between films.

Give yourself enough time to park and get in line for your movie, I like to estimate arriving almost 30-40 before my films begin. You can always meet fellow film goers, explore the festivals silent auction or shop the always-creative film gift shop.

The film fest kick off next week. If you haven’t purchased tickets remember to go online and choose a few movies before films sell out. Happy film fest everyone, I look forward to seeing you at the movies!

  The Ritz Carlton Staycation

rugHello & happy Monday Cleveland! What a bizarre weather weekend we had? I know I tend to banter about the snow, not snow, blue skies and so forth but come on; this was for sure a weird one. So glad to see the sunshine on Sunday, seemed to even out the Saturday snow storm. Fingers crossed that’s the end now SPRING can arrive?

This past weekend we had the pleasure of taking a Cleveland “Staycation” downtown at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland. It was a truly pampering, overnight getaway that if you ever have the opportunity to splurge on you won’t be disappointed. We planned to stay at the Ritz during the Film Fest as a way to go back and forth between movies and have a place to both relax and escape the festival crowds. I have to say not having to park and rush to a movie was so so nice, plus we left our winter coats in the room which was even more awesome.