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  The quiet after the holidays & goals.


It’s been sorta quiet these last few days at our house. Our extended families have all gone home from their long holiday visit, I am procrastinating on taking down the holiday decorations and we are still determining where all the new toys should respectfully “live” in our daily home. The quiet after all the planning and holiday magic is always such a bummer…but then I start thinking about my goals for the year and it instantly excitements me at the possibilities that lie ahead.

vest_4I tend to break down my yearly goal into 3 buckets…personal, family & business goals. How do you like to approach goal setting when it comes to looking at the year ahead?

For this year personal consists of everything about “me” and I don’t say that to sound selfish, but in more of the self-care effort. This year is the year I must buckle down and shed my baby weight or shall I say toddler weight. As someone with a family history of high blood pressure I want to get back to my healthiest self and I’ve got to make myself and my wellness a priority. I want to take better care of my skin…including washing my face before bed, (duh.) scheduling more regular facials as well as investing in a few better “over 40” moisturizers…all suggestions welcome.  Lastly I would like to make more of an effort in the evenings to get out of my leggings and sweatshirts and slip into real pajamas before bed. I have a huge collection of pajama sets but never hardly wear them, now is the time! So…not huge crazy personal efforts, but still lots of work ahead.

Family goals…as a working mom-trepreneur I admit I rely heavily on our day to day childcare destination to help infuse our toddler with his daily dose of arts. This year I am vowing to step away from work a few hours a week…or month…and take a class, make a craft, go to (more) concerts, sing, paint, whatever. His time as a toddler is so short, I don’t want to miss out on these formidable creative years and this year I am going to make an effort of being more involved. Travel…we are already talking about a few family getaways that won’t break the bank but would be fun for the whole family and even more fun for me & Mr. C. Looking forward to seeing where the year will literally take us really excites me. Last in this category would be a few more home improvements here and there. We moved into a new home last year and did the bulk of remodeling before we moved in but we didn’t touch the second floor. I want to do some painting, install a few new light and faucet fixtures and spend some time thinking about window treatments and art.

For my last goal bucket, business we have a few goals for our design studio. Nothing super wild but a few tweaks to internal processes, invest additional hours developing our Pinterest space and more creative play as a team…just to share a few goals. To stay on top of all things happening at studio Chartreuse follow us on instagram we have lots of fun things planned for the new year!


So there you have it…my goals for the new year! I look forward to attacking each of them with you by my side! I’m sure I will revisit them at some point and let you know how things are coming along…wish me luck!

Thanks to my sister @rlkobus for the fun outdoor shots of me and #ninjamax216 as we were checking out the yard, post Christmas snow melt. Max loved the time outdoors with his new Dora ball, his mom & auntie and I loved exploring the flower beds to see if anything was showing any sign of spring..not much yet.

(Chambray shirt & suede booties from Old Navy, Jeans from Gap, ceramic necklace from Anthropologie and wooly sheerling/suede vest from Tobi)

  Birthday at the Bakery

img_0513Hello & happy 2017. I hope everyone had an incredible holiday season! I am glad to be back here in my blog-space reflecting on the past few, busy holidays weeks. Over the last month we hosted our first big holiday party at our new home, we welcomed a handful of out-of-town family members for Christmas, I celebrated my December birthday with a handful of close friends for margaritas & guacamole and then rang in the new year with an incredible dinner, trivia pursuit and a day’s worth of movies on the couch in our jammies. The holidays were good to us.

birth_1With this exciting fresh year ahead of us I have a handful of goals & wishes that I can’t wait to share with you all in the next few days. Nothing super ground-breaking, but little things that I hope make this year filled with joy and happiness. Things like, planning a better skin care regimen for myself (including taking off my makeup before bed!) …making time for more casual entertaining…finding my way back to my yoga mat…more road trips…and enjoying fashion (including fun finds like this pink furry vest.) I think this year is going to be a great one for all of us!

img_0505Side note…it was fun to have my sister visit over the holidays as she was really great at capturing holiday moments including these fun (& somewhat serious) pics of me at the adorable bakery, On the Rise Bakery in Cleveland Heights. Thanks Katie for the birthday shots!

(Black turtleneck & pants from J.Crew. Black leather booties from Kate Spade and the fabulous furry vest from Tobi)