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  Cedar Point Brews & BBQ!!!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Hope you all got to enjoy the unexpected sunny weekend and enjoyed the three day holiday with family and friends. With Nanna and Pappa in town, Mr. C and I decided to do an overnight away and took our talents up to Sandusky and Cedar Point for their Brew and BBQ; craft beer and barbecue tasting event…It was seriously a blast!


I gotta say, I was so impressed with everything about this “Point” special event. From the moment we walked through the gates (this year they have added a metal detection entrance which adds another level of family safety to the park..Nice job CP!) we were overwhelmed with the excitement in the air. The park was so clean and shiny, ready and waiting with open arms for the exciting season ahead.


The Brew & BBQ event is being held at the far end of the park in Frontier Town; really close to the newly opened Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. You buy a ticket for this special event and you receive a bracelet (saying you’re of legal drinking age) and a handful of tickets which can be used for sample beers, full beers, sample food or full sized food…and desserts! I typically am not a fan of beer tasting events, but honestly this event was the perfect mix of cold brews, incredible food (pulled pork nachos!) and some honest to goodness, Blue Grass Music…the whole event seemed perfect as a summer kick off.

IMG_1613I was excited to see some of my favorite breweries included in this years lineup…such as Market Garden Brewery, Rhinegeist (they had their latest invention “Bubbles” on hand..a blend of rosé, bubbles and cider…so awesome!) and Shock Top; which always has great summer brews. We ate some great BBQ including some with more sticky sweet sauces and others more vinegar based; all of them more delicious than the next.



Overall we had SO MUCH FUN just the two of us out for an evening of adult fun…and beer. From the games…we tried to win a big stuffed dog for “you know who” – but $20 later we still couldn’t get the ball in the red cup…to the shows; my show choir past draws me into the various theaters like a fly to the buzzing blue light. We waited in lines for our favorite coasters, the Millennium Force and my personal favorite; the Raptor. We ended the evening with a sunset trip on the vintage Sky Ride; built in 1962. It seriously was a perfect evening at the Point!

The Brews & BBQ event runs through June 11th. If you love beer, bbq, roller coasters, rides, games and shows…you should FOR SURE, HANDS DOWN get yourself out to the park to enjoy this awesome summer event that Cedar Point is hosting to get summer started!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Cedar Point who invited me to share their event as part of their social outreach. I received two park tickets in exchange for my review of their rocking event. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!