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Happy snowy Monday to you! I am back from Alt Summit and revived, inspired and even more enthusiastic about all that we have going on in the CLE!

I spoke with many individuals, some from San Fran a few from the big apple and honestly everyone said something to the effect of “I hear there is great stuff happening in Cleveland.” “There is!” I would rejoice and then dive into my schpeal about how they should visit, how we have so much happening, how the restaurants are delicious and the Lake is divine. I think I will have a few visitors this summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Now that I am home and spent yesterday putting away all of our holiday decorations (I know…super late!) I am ready to spend the next few weekends, embracing winter on the slopes. I didn’t get to ski last year due to the impending Ninja Max so this year I want to soak it all in and enjoy playing in the snow.

Just a quick rundown on the various ski resorts that you could visit…

Boston Mills Brandywine : A quick drive south to this ski destination duo, with two different slopes there is plenty of winter fun for the whole family. From “an evening with the dudes” to “college night” to “ladies late night” there is an event for everyone and the perfect excuse to round up your friends for winter fun outdoors.

Peek ‘n Peak : Just across the NY boarder this ski resort offers amazing snow fun. In fact January is learn to ski/board month and the are offering buy one get one packages for all newbies on the slopes. Along with the great snow Peek’n Peak also has an adorable ski chalet hotel, sunken bar for aprés and an Aveda spa to soothe your sore muscles. While it’s the perfect overnight escape you can also make this destination a day trip if you and your friends are willing to make the road trip together.

Holiday Valley : Nestled in the charming village of Ellicotville NY this ski resort has winter fun for the whole family. From the kids learn to ski school to the many lodging and dining options, this winter resort includes all sorts of fun for all. From an early morning run on the slopes to an evening stroll in the village, when visiting this ski town you’ll feel like you are out west.

Snowtrails : While I haven’t visited this southern ski destination I do know many families that have and love it. Great for families with lots of beginner slopes this winter play destination can be bundled with a trip to Columbus…and we all know how much I love a good Columbus road trip! Perhaps it’s time I go check it out.

So enjoy this recent snowfall, unpack your ski pants and plan a weekend ski bunny outing soon! If we live in here, we might as well embrace the winter weather and get outdoors for some fresh air and winter play.

Happy Monday everybody. Glad to be home with you all.