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  Our CLE Village Dinner


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone. Are you ready for the festivities filled with family, friends and of course, food galore? This year I am looking forward to spending time with some great friends, relaxing and really being thankful for all that we have, especially our health and the health of our loved ones.


Today I want to share the gorgeous images from our I Heart Cleveland, Spice Acres and The Village Magazine dinner taken by the talented Aster & Olive Photography.


It was the perfect fall evening, the leaves had changed colors, there was a brisk chill to the air and about twenty Cleveland moms had gathered at Spice Acres thanks to our hostess Jackie Bebenroth and her husband Chef Ben.

Spice-21_lrWe gathered among the pines for a cup of  warm spiced cider, some marinated olives and fresh popped popcorn. We toured the farm learning about the piglets, sustainable farming practices and how chickens lay eggs. We talked about why it is important to try and feed our families locally grown produce and locally raised meats and dairy. We acknowledged that each of us were busy moms and that by making small changes in how we feed our families we could feel better knowing our children would grow up appreciating the idea of good food grown locally.

For more lovely images of the evening on the farm, scroll down below.



  You’re Invited : The Village Dinner

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.31.50 PMToday I am excited to share with you an upcoming dinner collaboration I have been working on with  Cleveland’s own, hostess with the mostess, Jackie Bebenroth, principal at Muse Content Group and creative team at The Village Magazine.

You see, both Jackie and I are small business owners, wives, friends, engaged citizens of the great CLE and even more importantly we are Moms. As a new Mom I am constantly collecting advice, insight and ideas from others. I have admired Jackie (& her family) from afar for a few years now. Her skills to juggle many aspects of her life are flawless all the while making everyone feel loved and important, she truly is a Cleveland gem filled with so much knowledge on how to raise healthy and fun kids in our community.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.33.39 PM

Have you heard of The Village Magazine? This stunning publication is a great resource for any person; any mother who wants to grow closer to her family, her community, herself. It is a visualy stunning quarterly magazine filled with photography and essays from contributors across the country. The Village Magazine believes in bringing back “the village” when it comes to raising families and I couldn’t agree with them more.

Fellow CLE Mom’s, please join us, October 14th from 6-9pm at this unique opportunity where we will dine in a historic barn in the Cuyahoga National Forest at Spice Acres (home to Jackie and her family.) Where we will create wood-fired pizzas with delicious ingredients straight from the farm, grilled for us by Jackie’s husband Chef Ben Bebenroth. We will get to know each other and share stories of our successes and failures as fellow Mom’s and Clevelanders. We will learn creative solutions of how to feed our families healthy, local, quick meals. The evening will be filled with surprises and conversation starters sent to us from the team at The Village Magazine, it seriously is going to be great. Can we say goodie bags? :)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.32.55 PM

A limited number of tickets have gone on sale and we are assured it will fill up fast. If you are interested in being part of this experience, please visit their site to purchase your ticket. The $50 ticket includes dinner, drinks and an evening of new experiences including a new “village” to lean on. Plus, the team at The Village has assured us the evening is magical and full of surprises.

If you are a Mom and living in Northeast Ohio I hope you are able to join us. Feel free to spread the exciting word of this dinner and the magazine and the idea of “bringing back the village” to our community. We hope YOU are able to join us for an incredible experience. I am looking forward to meeting many of my fellow CLE Moms! Don’t miss out, reserve your seat at the event now!

Happy weekend to you. Cheers! -Charity