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  Get your backyard summer-ready on Mother’s Day weekend!

Sponsored by TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel

May is here! Otherwise known as “prep-your-yard-for-summer-month.” If you are anything like me the first weekend in May, also known as Mother’s Day weekend, is the weekend we used to help do yard work and plant flowers for my mom. In turn, it has actually become quite the tradition around our household as well.

We make a big pot of coffee, pack up our travel mugs and head to the garden center for a few loads of mulch, flowers and impulse yard accessories (because its Mother’s Day of course). Can we say TIKI Brand torches and new throw pillows?

Then we spend a good chunk of the weekend prepping our outdoor summer-living space for summer for great entertaining success. I love being outside enjoying the spring air, spending time together as a family and being active (mulch = loads of steps!). Our son plays in the dirt and climbs the trees, running out his 4-yr old extra energy, making bedtime super easy.

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom? Wouldn’t an afternoon prepping her yard for summer be a great way to show her how much you love her? Check out the tips below and I promise your mom will be as happy as a little garden gnome.

1. Light up & deMosquito! Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to fill up your mom’s TIKI Brand Torches with their TIKI Brand BiteFigher Torch Fuel. Not only does this product help keep the mosquitos away from mom and the whole family, but it also lets the whole gang hang outside without the uninvited guests who buzz and bite! TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel’s citronella and cedar formula has proven mosquito repellency and comes in an Easy Pour bottle for fewer spills and less mess. It’s ideal for use with all TIKI Brand torches and tabletop torches and comes in a variety of sizes.

2. Clean out old man winter. Spend a few hours raking, blowing leaves and sweeping up any lingering fall or winter debris. At our house this consists of fallen leaves, branches and acorns…lots of acorns.

3. Pull out the patio furniture. Wipe it down, hose off the cobwebs, give it a new coat of spray paint. Whatever it needs to make it feel new and refreshed for the summer ahead.

4. Shop till you drop. Buy a few, fun outdoor accessories. Remember, summer in Cleveland is a relatively short season. Therefore, everyone is working for the sunshine-filled, summer weekends. Don’t wait until 4th of July weekend to pick up your throw pillows, trays of acrylic pool-side drinkware and glittery beach floats. Get them this weekend…your mom will love it!

5. Prep for planting. While it still might be a little too cold for planting impatiens and zinnias, you can prep all your planter boxes with fresh potting mix making sure to remove any of last summer’s plant root debris and leaves. Then, when the sun finally warms up the ground, plant away!

I hope these 5 tips give you a few great ideas of how to spoil your mom on Mother’s Day while also getting a few home chores done in time for summer outdoor fun.

We got a jump start on our yard prep last weekend and ended the day reading books outside on our back patio. While I am normally concerned about mosquitos biting my little guy, with our TIKI Brand Torches lit the mosquitos stayed far away. I especially loved the new matte black and gold torches that we put around the patio. They felt very mid-century in style and matched out outdoor patio furniture nicely. I also loved the smell of the TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel, it wasn’t super overpowering but just enough so you knew the mosquitos would get the point to stay far away! If you are interested in these torches or TIKI Brand Bitefighter Torch Fuel, I am happy to offer 25% off and free shipping if you follow the link here. Happy summer, happy Mother’s Day, happy yard prep and almost summer fun!

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with TIKI Brand.