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  GO CAVS!!!


Rest easy, Cavs fans! The wait from Tuesday is over and we can finally go back to cheering on LeBron and the gang. The city of CLE is flooded with wine and gold and everyone is #ALLin for game 4. If you weren’t a Cavs fan before, the time is right to join in on all the hype!  

If your’e looking for the perfect place to watch the game, there are some great go-to hotspots waiting for fans. You can check out Market Garden Brewery located on West 25th, along with Town Hall and Nano Brew on the strip. If you want to catch a glimpse of some newscast celebs, grab a drink on East 4th and you won’t miss a beat. Looking to enjoy this nice summer night? Join in on the watch party at Crocker Park or take a seat on the patio at Hoopples.  

Of course as a fellow fashionista you must have the perfect Cavs gear. All of your CLE fashion can be found at places like Cleveland Clothing Company, GV Art and Fresh Brewed Tees.  Although we may not have Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving, we breathe a sigh of relief that Mathew Dellavedova (aka Delly) is re-hydrated and ready to take charge in tonights matchup. After the Cavs got the win in game 3, their chances of winning the series have increased to 84%….but we know it’s 100% for the win!!!

(written by Erin S. photo from Yahoo Sports)

  Busy week, Townhall & Blackbird!

Happy Friday everybody. I just love summer Friday’s, always a sense of adventure in the air. Freedom to go play outside, to lay in the sun, to bike to your friends house or neighborhood bar, you just never know what the weekend will have in store…gotta love a Friday!

So while this week I haven’t been blogging all that much, I HAVE been working on the blog look and feel itself. Something a bit lighter and brighter but with the same essence of the current iheartcleveland. I’m excited to share with you a more integrated site and hope everyone will like it…sit tight just a few more days!

In the meantime, besides unpacking from CAMP (photos to come soon, I promise!), getting caught up on creative design work and working on the blog this week I was able to have some fun.

I got to check out the new Town Hall with my pal and fellow passionate food lover “foodie.” I ordered the proscuitto wrapped dates and the chicken street tacos while foodie ordered the green thumb smoothie and the tofu street taco’s…hmm which one ordered healthier? I’d say for sure go and check it out, we went at lunch to avoid the busy night crowd. Good job Town Hall, keep up the great work.

Along with a busy week, I also had good friends over for our first, summer mexican corn and fish taco grille out complete with with freshly squeezed lime juice margaritas…on a school night no less. Because it was during the week, I couldn’t attempt to whip up a dessert but turned to my local favorite BlackBird Baking Company for their latest summer creation the strawberry almond tarts that I topped with vanilla bean ice cream. If you have a picnic, fmaily gathering or jsut feeling that sweet tooth craving coming on…get yourself to BlackBird, best chcolate cookie known to man!

So while it’s been a busy week, it’s been awesome! Living, working and being completely immersed in Cleveland and fellow entrepreneurs, visionaries and creatives…what could be better? Peace & happy weekend!