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  The “taste”

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Hi Cleveland. Such a gorgeous day! I am loving the cooler temps…just a little break from the summer heat and humidity.

All is well over here with me and Baby Ninja. I’m slowly accepting the lack of sleep, frequent diaper changes and feedings round the clock as my new normal. His sweet cuddles, little fingers and toes and his cute little sounds make this time in our life perfect in every way. I can’t wait to see what our future holds with this little man.

I am especially looking forward to re-discovering so many things about our city through the eyes of a child. For example, while I’ve been to the annual summer ADULT bash Twighlight at the Zoo, I bet going to the zoo with a small person is like exploring the best vintage store; an explosive discovery at every turn…I can’t wait.

While I’ve typically gone to The Taste of Tremont (aka The “Taste”) later in the day for a “Sunday Funday;” with little ones in tow, an early “in” and a good escape route “out” ensures everyone in the family has a good time. The Taste is the perfect way to sample many of the unique restaurants this Cleveland neighborhood has to offer.

Personally I love anything from Dante, can’t wait to gorge on sushi from Ginko (haven’t enjoyed spicy tuna in 9 months!) and a piece of chocolate from Lilly’s sounds like a delightful afternoon. Plan to carpool as parking is always at a premium, go hungry and brings cash. As of now the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, perfect for those sundresses and shades. Hope to see you there…baby temper-tantrum permitting!

Cheers guys, chat more soon.

  Summer Art festivals Lineup

Hi friends, how was your weekend? Sorta quiet here, just enjoyed being home, the pretty sunshine and a few small home projects.

First things first, Id like to congratulate “Melanie” for winning the Wayfair gift certificate. Melanie drop me a note at editor@iheartcleveland.com with your contact info and I will hook you up; happy shopping!

While a newborn is in my immediate future (hopefully sooner than later) I still am planning on attending so many summer events around town…with said newborn in tow.


Check out the list of art festivals happening this summer in our community. Grab your friends and make a few dates for summer artsy fun.

June 21 • Tremont Trek Home Tour – Tremont
June 21 • Clifton Arts & Musicfest – 117th-104th on Clifton Blvd
June 21 • Larchmere Porchfest – Shaker Heights
June 21/22 • Shaker Heights Arts & Music Festival – Shaker Heights
June 28 • Waterloo Arts Festival – North Collinwood
July 11/13 • Cain Park Arts Festival – Cleveland Heights
July 20 • Taste of Tremont – Tremont
August 2 • Lakewood Arts Festival – Lakewood
September 20/21 • Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival – University Circle
September 20/21 • Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival – Tremont

Here’s to a great new week. Cheers everybody!