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  Our Westin staycation fun!


Good morning & happy Wednesday friends. I hope we have all recovered from our CLE weekends and are settling into a productive work week. I still can’t get over what fun our little family had this past weekend, let me fill you in.

We had been invited to spend the night at The Westin Cleveland and experience their summer Indians Baseball Getwaway Package…or in our case the ultimate, summer, downtown STAYCATION!!!

It was going to be Baby Ninja’s first night in a hotel room and our first time packing him up to hang out in the city for the weekend. We had fantastic weather, our friends were keeping old man Sir Franklin the pug and we were all set to head off into the (slightly) unknown.

When I say “unknown” it isn’t that downtown Cleveland is unknown, it was the idea of how this whole evening/overnight would shake down with our adventurous toddler…but low and behold he loved it. You can tell he has got his mom’s trait of ultimate “wanderlust” and I know there will be many staycations in our future.

We checked into our room late afternoon and the little guy was so curious, exploring every nook and cranny of this cool new room…which by the way had very chic carpeting making running exceptionally easy for a toddler. As Baby Ninja bounced around from bed to chair to pounding on the 19th floor windows that overlooked the city we took inventory of how child-proofed our room was and gave it two thumbs up.


That’s me trying to keep my lovely little ninja out of the shower and my toiletries…note to self..do not unpack your makeup bag where the little guy can reach everything…he loves expensive powder… Check out the stunning walk-in shower tiles in our room, the patterns were so fun. The interior of the room and every detail was very well done, did you know that the artwork in each of the rooms were commissioned by actual Northeast Ohio artists, you can find out more about the individual artists and their work here.

After exploring our room it was time to check out the club for a bit of happy hour…or “happy :15 minutes with a toddler” but still SO COOL. The two floor space overlooked the city and Lake Erie and was filled with guests from all over. As I filled a little plate of cheese and strawberries for Baby Ninja (and olives & prosciutto for me and Mr. C) I enjoyed easvedropping on conversations of visitors to Cleveland. From what I could tell everyone was amazed at how hopping our city was and what an amazing surprise it was to see the place exploding with visitors and activities. Go Cleveland!


After a few snacks it was time to go roam about downtown. With so much construction and prepping for next years convention it seems like every time I’m downtown there is something new to be seen. We walked through the malls, strolled by the new conversion center, tried to peer through the construction fences of Public Square…it was all really cool.

When we got back to our room it was time to put the little guy asleep in his Westin Heavenly Crib to which he zonked out immediately. Time for a bit of room service and Rosé for us parentals and then everyone enjoyed a great nights sleep…can we say AC? (Note : for those of us who don’t have air conditioning a Staycation is the perfect exuse to enjoy the cool temps a hotel room offers…I swear we all slept great that night!)


The next morning after some breakfast and Starbucks; yes folks..there is a real live Starbucks in the lobby of The Westin… we watched all of the incredible Cleveland triathlon athletes compete to complete their own personal best. It was a wonderful morning with a great breeze off the lake (good for spectators, bad for athletes,) Baby Ninja has recently figured out clapping, so every runner, cyclist and swimmer got huge cheers from us.

We headed back into downtown for some brunch (while the little guy took a morning nap in his jogger stroller….thank goodness for these strollers, they are a lifesaver like that)  and then back to our room to prep for the big game.


As part of the Westin’s summer getaway series they are partnering with the Indians to offer an overnight stay complete with $50 towards tickets or whatever else you’d like to spend it on. We got bleacher seats and headed into the shade for most of the game. It was especially fun as we got to finally use our backpack that Mr. C had purchased for the babes before he was even born…plus we got him a baseball cap to match his dads, so sweet.

While the guys were enjoying splitting a 10-inch stadium hotdog, I discovered the moscow mule booth where you get a refreshing afternoon drink complete with copper mug…to which I DID bring home…Mom’s Souvenir!!!


So all in all I couldn’t have asked for a better experience staying downtown Cleveland at The Westin, exploring our city as a sorta-tourist and then capping off the adventure with a wonderful afternoon baseball experience. Win or not, there were smiles and giggles and we saw Slider and we felt like we had conquered the world…just by packing up, and staying downtown for one night.

It’s amazing how sometimes a change of scenery in your own city will make you so invigorated and thankful for everything we have as Clevlanders. I highly recommend you trying the staycation thing…it was awesome.

Thanks to all the staff at The Westin Cleveland for making our trip so memorable…especially the doorman for helping me push the giant jogging stroller to and from and not making me go through the revolving doors. HA! We will for sure be visiting you all again someday…hopefully sooner than later. Happy staycations everyone…cheers to summer in our city.

I was provided an overnight stay at The Westoin Cleveland  as part of their public relations efforts. Thanks for supporting these businesses that allow me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!