The Katz Club Diner

photo 4The other morning myself and a few friends met at the newly restyled Katz Club Diner in Cleveland Heights. It was over the top pure breakfast perfection. The space was shiny, clean and bright….the morning sun poured into the space just as quickly as they could pour me a steaming cup of joe.

photo 2photo 1-1

We delighted in the adorable, glass pedestal strewn bakery bar, complete with home made doughnuts, pie poptarts, pies, strudels and cakes of all flavors.

photo 1

We opted for a slice (their serving size is actually TWO slices!) of lemon bundt cake to accompany coffee before savory. For my breakfast I had a wonderful egg, cheese and bacon sandwich with a side of hash browns. I actually took leftover home for both the cake & sandwich and just finished it, yum!

photo 3photo 2-1photo 3-1I can’t say enough good things about this new east side dining option. Plan your next meet up here, it’s so incredibe. Enough said.

The Katz Club Diner : 1975 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118