Ushabu, the new Shabu Shabu hot (s)pot


Hey CLE! Hope you are having a great week. Today, just a quick review here on “Iheart” of one of Tremont’s newest dining destinations, Ushabu; a Japanese fondue restaurant.


The interior is chic, almost intoxicating with simplicity. The dim lighting welcomes you as you find your way to your own table. From the moment we were seated I felt transported somewhere important…somewhere exciting and new.


Traditional shabu-shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables. Dinner was really fresh and healthy, perfect for all those new years wellness goals. The concept of the new restaurant is that everything you order is raw and you cook it in one of their three broth selections. We ordered a little bit of everything to check it out and I gotta say it was all incredible.

IMG_1214You choose your protein and broth (Ginger Chicken, Spicy Miso or Kombu) and then they bring you a big bowl of vegetables to swirl, slowly cooking in the hot broth. Word to the careful, you don’t want to burn your tongue. :)


Ushabu is a wonderful dining experience, you should for sure go check it out next time you are looking for a place to go to dinner. Make sure you call for a reservation, the tables fill up fast!