Warm up part 3 : Tropical cocktails @ Porco


After my trip to Palm Springs last weekend I have officially caught a bad bug…the wanderlust travel bug that is. It’s about this time every year when spring break bathing suits and nautical inspired resort wear hit the stores that makes me feel like hopping on a plane to somewhere hot and sunny. How about you? Craving a bit of the tropics?


Yearning for that fruity, boozy cocktail complete with paper umbrella and swirly straw? Perhaps dreaming of your own group of gal pals gathered around some flaming-volcano, fish bowl-like cocktail sure to infuse the night with extra laughter and the false sense of summer sun…maybe even a little bar tan?


Grab your friends, make sure they wear their best tiki appropriate, spring break garb and get down to Cleveland’s version of the tropics; Porco’s Lounge & Tiki Room.

7679Once you enter the tiki nightclub and lounge you will be welcome by some of the city’s best bartenders’s on-call to mix up a pain killer, mai tai or any of their other house cocktail creations. I really loved watching the guys behind the bar as they shook and stirred our boozy beverages in oblivion then finished them with plastic monkey’s, skewers of maraschino’s and sliced citrus and even an upside down giraffe or two! I also was impressed with the vast collections of retro tiki god ceramic mugs and barware that are either the employees own collection or collections of gifts from the bar guests, so much visual stimuli, it feels like you are literally on vacation!


Next time you are craving a bit of tropical fun, grab your spring break pals and visit Porco’s on West 25th. Seriously, it is the perfect place to go inside and escape the Cleveland winter blahs. I promise after one of their pina colada’s winter will really be looking up! Wink!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the three part “warm up” series of posts that I worked on with my friend Katie. Thanks Katie for always being up for any new Cleveland adventure! Let’s do it again soon. Cheers!