weekend fun

Don’t you just love the built up excitement of a weekend? I mean, two days off to which you are supposed to relax and recharge your body, mind and soul before starting another week. I think it must be the bright blue, sunshine filled skies that are putting me in an extremely good mood, but I can’t wait for the weekend!!!

Not a whole lot on my plate for Saturday and Sunday, but I do have a few ideas.

Thinking of going to the opening of Open Yoga Gallery and then swinging by the Valentines Day Market (think Bizarre Bazaar & Made in the 216 all wrapped in LOVE), then a quick stop at the Westside Market to stock up for Sunday’s big football festivities and then home to cook, bake and possibly even put away my Christmas wreaths that still hang on my house!

Not super busy, “relaxed with purpose.”

Enjoy your weekend. Grab some sunshine, perhaps a cocktail or two and may the best men win! Go Browns!

(note : since I’ve been on a bit of a photography role, I thought I would share this great photo from the Cleveland.com photo contest site, enter your great pics today. This photo was taken by Colin Toke, from what I can find. Only a dog lover would take his dogs out for a late night stroll during a snowstorm, great shot!)