West Side Skates

While I can’t say I have EVER attempted to skate on a skateboard before I LOVE to stop into West Side Skates to admire the goods.

As a designer (my other job, wink!) I am drawn to amazing color combinations, to patterns, to textures, type and illustration and this store is like walking into a vast collection of art and design specimens.  I almost feel like an adult kid in a candy store, the stuff is over the top “rad!”

Besides “decks” and wheels, the store also has an incredible line of hip shoes and detailed constructed clothing. Again, the colors and patterns and quality of fabrics is not too be messed with, these skater kids (or skater adults!) sure do have a thing for style.

Even skaters have a love for the cute and clever don’t you think? Keep Calm and ROLL Away, how cute!

I’m serious though, if you are ever in the market for a new pair of Ray Bans, a bold pair of sneaks, perhaps some fun stickers, hats or a chic Nixon watch, go visit West Side Skates they will hook you up. It’s really incredible!