Where am I?

It’s Tuesday and already the week here in Cleveland is shaping up to be pretty great. Isn’t the graffiti art above grand? It was the first thing I saw as I stepped out of my car early yesterday morning, made me smile, giggle and even skip a bit. I cant imagine “growing young” any other way…be young! Do you know where I was?

Have you heard about the show that is currently showing at the Cleveland Museum of Art called “Copia: Retail, Thrift & Dark Stores” by Brian Ulrich? This photography exhibit examines American consumer culture and shows the beauty (and even the ugly) in our society’s habits.

Well, anyhow, this Friday, November 18th the Museum is hosting what sounds to be a very fun party called “Buyers Remorse” from 7-10pm. Meet the artist, enjoy some high-energy tunes by Clevelands-own Dj Reena Samaan and grab a cocktail at the cash bar. The museum is asking all attendees to wear  something they might have once “impulse” purchased or even a complete head to toe vintage outfit. You pick, but this party should be a great balance of art, design, fashion and silly frugal fun. Reserve your $8 ticket ($6 for students) to avoid any ticket sell-out disappointment, get yours here!

Have a fun Tuesday, BE YOUNG and get your entrance to the big “Buyer’s Remorse” bash this Friday!