Have a 4th Pickle Picnic! (with Randy Pickles)


Looking forward to the long weekend with family, friends and a handful of cookouts, picnics and parties. We have family visiting from out of town and I’m sure we will be doing some grilling and summer celebrating; go CAVS! Any cook-out would be incomplete without some good stadium mustard, meat from the Westside Market and of course lots of pickles from local makers Randy Pickles.


The team at Randy’s prides themselves on creating a better pickle, in a bigger jar with bigger flavor, and they aren’t joking! These pickles are super incredible. They have a complex flavor yet remind me of growing up and eating simple pickles as a summer snack.


If you are headed to a 4th of July bash, pick up a jar of Randy’s pickled peppers (or pickles) to bring they make the best hostess gifts. I bought my jars at Heinen’s but they can be found literally all over town. For a complete vendor list check out their website here. And remember “When you are in a pickle, eat your way out!” —Randy (chief pickling officer.)


Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone. Cheers to many hot dogs, chips and of course pickle parties!

(I’ve received many inquiries about my CYC mug in the image, it’s just one of my awesome, vintage thrift shop finds. The blue and white enameled tray is from Lehman’s and yes, that is a table cloth wrapped around my waist!)

  Our visit to Arcadian!


Welcome to the long-awaited, new kid on the block, Arcadian Food & Drink (located across the street from XYZ in Gordon Square.) The other week we had the opportunity to go to a friends and family event at this new incredible establishment and I can’t wait for all of you to go and check it out.



The space is so beautiful. Designed by local architect Robert Maschke every detail, every twist and turn to the interior is a visual delight. I especially enjoyed the wall of herbs and edible greens inside the space as a inner garden for the chefs to incorporate into the daily menu. I seriously want to go back just to sit and take in some more of the space.



The drinks were so yummy and each one a work of art. For dinner we shared some roasted spicy peanuts, fries, chicken and waffles and breakfast for dinner. They also offer oysters and pizzas and next time we go back I for sure want to try BOTH!



I also really liked the open concept kitchen as you can watch the chefs shuck oysters, construct pizzas and add finishing touches to desserts. I know I can’t say enough about the space, but the design will blow you away.


So make a reservation or swing by for a happy hour (on their patio) I can’t wait for everyone to experience the romance this restaurant brings to that neighborhood. Happy new business in Cleveland! Happy Tuesday everyone.


  The NEW Public Square!


Happy Monday Cleveland! Another gorgeous one here in our city. The Summer Solstice celebration at the Art Museum was another awesome party, year after year they never disappoint. Such an incredible evening of music, art, fashion all coming together under one roof. Congrats #CMA the party was seriously bananas!


Yesterday we went downtown to explore the new Public Square space and boy…what a change. The entire new development was sparkling from top to bottom. The plants held their heads high thanking the sunshine for the extra burst of sparkle. The various hard surfaces were all interesting and designed in such a way that made walking through the space just as visually engaging as the historical buildings that surround the square. Everything is so shiny and new and again, another HUGE reason we as Cleveland’s should be SO PROUD of everything happening this summer in the city.


The square’s café, Rebol was not open but we can’t wait to visit again for a cocktail on the patio and a few fresh tacos. The interiors of the space are filled with bright colors, simple furnishings and what looks like an incredible little bar of local spirits.



Meet me at the Square! We can’t wait to see you there. Next time we will throw on flip flops and run through the fountains to celebrate summer with you! The official opening is this Thursday. Like them on Facebook or follow their hashtag #meetmeinthesquare for the party details. Nice work to the City of Cleveland and Land Studio for all of their efforts making the new park incredible!


  Mabel’s BBQ



A few weeks ago I grabbed a quick happy hour at the new Michael Symon hot spot; Mabel’s BBQ. The moment I walked through the front doors I was in awe of the spectacular interiors…no detail untouched. From the larger-than-life, neon welcome sign…to the artwork in the restroom hallway made from individual matchsticks (see dawg illustration below) this place is a hands-down, Cleveland summer dining destination!



When we were there we had a shareable plate of J.W. Potatoes which were basically more like a chunky french fry. Add a few glasses of Malbec, two fun gal pals and a helpful bartender and it was an awesome way to explore the new place in town.



I gotta say, I’m excited to go back for ribs one of these days…who’s with me? Happy good Barbecue in Cleveland! Happy weekend everyone. THANK YOU CAVS!

  Good Sam Roadside Assistance & Summer Sizzle


Hey Cleveland. How is everyone feeling after the big CAVS win? I swear I am still on such a high it’s awesome!

With these incredible summer temps, next weekends 4th of July family celebrations and let’s not forget a certain toddlers second birthday…it’s a busy time of year. I feel like I have been all around town as of late. If it’s not stopping by a basketball watch party or shopping for an ice cream social birthday party or even cruising with the top down to our reoccurring Sunday morning trips to Huntington Beach…I feel like I’ve been relying on my car a ton recently.

(Note : someone loves to play in the car when we are parked. He is still in his car seat, locked in for driving!)

Did you know one of the busiest weekends of the year for travel is next weekends 4th holiday? Are you going somewhere fun or sticking around town? What happens if your cute little convertible gets a flat? What happens if you are towing your shiny, little travel camper out to the islands and something doesn’t feel quite right? Do you know who to call to keep your holiday travel on schedule?


Today I’d like to introduce you to a hip, young motor club that can help with any roadside assistance need you may encounter. Good Sam Roadside Assistance not only offers better value and benefits than its competitors, it also provides unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center. As someone who has used a tow truck before (poor little Airstream had a rusty underside that needed some welding love before we could tow her safely!) this is HUGE as other companies limit tow mileage to 4 miles, Good Sam Roadside Assistance will go the distance, regardless of the number of miles!

Not only is this peace-of-mind, summer service good for you as the car/RV driver, it will also cover your honey and any children in the house at no additional cost. We all know kids cost a lot, no need to add another summer expense to the budget…other companies often charge up to $75 per additional driver.

Alumapalooza 2012

Having roadside assistance really puts my mind at ease as I am running around town from yoga, to brunch, to play dates or even towing a camper in and out of a crowded campground…I think it is one of those things everyone should have…especially as we enter the summer busy driving season.

Right now Good Sam Roadside Assistance is hosting their once-a-year event, the Summer Sizzler. This event offers new members a really good deal on their roadside assistance package. To explore their site and learn about all that they offer, check out their site HERE.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Good Sam Roadside Assistance in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.